XDefiant Best LMG Loadouts

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Tinkering with weapon attachments is a big part of XDefiant, and if you are looking for the best LMG loadouts, we got you covered. XDefiant launched with a substantial arsenal of weapons that players can unlock. However, currently, only three LMGs are in the game. Although LMGs have always been perceived as more of a spray-and-prey type of weapon, with specific attachments provided in XDefinat they can become so much more.    

The Best LMG Loadouts in XDefiant

Unlike SMG loadouts which are all about speed, LMGs focus more on massive firepower and a steady stream of bullets. The loadouts below focus on improving LMGs in all aspects, especially when it comes to firepower. Although you will not be the fastest player on the map while using LMGs, you will be among the deadliest.     


Front Rail: Vertical Grip

Optics: 3.0x Scope

Magazine: Quick Mag

Rear Grip: Fabric

Stock: Padded

Being the starting LMG in the game, the M249 is more of an all-rounder gun than a more specialized one. Combining the Vertical Grip with a Fabric Grip and Padded Stock provides this gun with enough recoil recovery and aim stability that players won’t feel like they are using an LMG. Additionally using a 3.0x Scope with all the aforementioned attachments will give players greater precision at range. Lastly, having a Quick Mag will provide players with faster reload time, so you never run out of bullets while mowing down your opponents. 

Screenshot during a match in XDefiant
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Muzzle: Booster

Barrel: Rapid Fire

Front Rail: Vertical Grip

Rear Grip: Quick Draw

Stock: Precision 

The Muzzle Booster and Rapid Fire Barrel provide RPK-74 with an increased fire rate at the cost of recoil. Luckily, RPK-74 has a good starting recoil control, and adding Vertical Grip and Precision Stock will help tremendously. Moreover, taking the Quick Draw Rear Grip will give players a boost to mobility that no other LMG can hope to match. Overall this loadout offers players a unique blend of great fire rate, low recoil, and speed. It feels more like you are using an assault rifle than an LMG.    


Front Rail: PEQ-15 Laser

Optics: Reflex Sight

Magazine: Quick Mag

Stock: Lightweight 

Rear Grip: Heavy 

The greatest problem with this otherwise great gun is its recoil. However, this can be managed by using PEQ-15 Laser Front Rail in combination with the Heavy Rear Grip. Another thing that will greatly help with precision is Reflex Sight Optics, which will make enemies easier to see. With recoil covered, using Lightweight Stock will give players more speed and mobility, which LMGs are lacking dearly. Lastly, Quick Mag provides a quicker magazine reload speed, so you do not need to worry about ammo ever again.  

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