Valorant: What Is Outlaw and Is it Released?

Chamber's Headhunter in Valorant

A powerful weapon is added to the game. Read on to see what is the Outlaw in Valorant.

Valorant has been one of the greatest competitors to Counter-Strike on the FPS market for years. During all that time, Riot Games have never changed its roster of guns. Indeed, we were witnesses to agents being added to the game, along with new maps. Despite all this, a new weapon could be added to the arsenal, which could tip the balance in the game. Read on and find out what is the Outlaw and whether is it available in Valorant right now.   

What is Outlaw in Valorant? 

Outlaw is a double-barreled sniper rifle, between the Marshal and the Operator, but with some of its own unique strengths. This will make Outlaw the first new weapon that has been added to Valorant since its launch back in 2020. Devs avoid adding new weapons because they believe that every new weapon needs a strong reason to be in the game. What is unique is that it is a two-shot sniper rifle, able to fire two powerful shots rapidly without breaking zoom on your scope, albeit at a slightly longer reload time. In terms of power, this lethal sniper rifle can easily dispatch an opponent wearing Light Armor in one shot. That would make it a good purchase option in the mid-price range. Furthermore, here are the Statistics of the weapon. 

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Outlaw Sniper Statistics

  • Damage: Head – 238, Body – 140, Legs – 119
  • Mag Size: 2, 10 bullets in reserve
  • Equip Time: 1.25s
  • Fire rate: 2.75 rounds/sec
  • Running Speed: 5.4 m/sec
  • Cost: 2400 Credits

Is Outlaw Available in Valorant?

The Outlaw is finally available as part of Episode 8 Act 1. The latest Valorant Episode started on January 9, 2024. It came with a dedicated Throwback Pack Bundle. This Outlaw bundle includes two skins for the new sniper rifle, each with three color/style variants, and a couple of accessories, and the price is 2.320 VP.

Outlaw Skins and Accessories

  • Prism//Reloaded Outlaw
    • Standard (a Purple/Blue variant)
    • Variant 1 Orange
    • Variant 2 Pink
    • Variant 3 Green
  • Ego Outlaw
    • Standard (Korean text with “저지불가” and white/black stripes)
    • Variant 1 Red (English text “Unstoppable” and red/black stripes)
    • Variant 2 Cream (Portuguese text “Imbatível” and white/cream stripes)
    • Variant 3 Pink (French text “Inarrêtable” and teal/pink stripes)
  • Accessories
    • Outlaw Player Card
    • Outlaw Gun Buddy
    • Outlaw Spray
    • Outlaw Title

That was all the information currently on Outlaw, and for more on Valorant, check out more articles from our team, like How to Play Iso: New Valorant Agent Guide, The 7 Best Vandal Skins in Valorant, and Valorant Best Support Agents.


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