Valorant Best Support Agents, Ranked 2023

Best Valorant Support Agents

In the ever-evolving world of Valorant, understanding the pivotal roles played by various characters can significantly influence a match’s outcome. The Best Support Agents in Valorant have consistently proven to be the backbone of successful teams, often setting the stage for victory even without making it to the highlight reel. Let’s delve into which of these unsung heroes rise to the top.

Top 10 Valorant Support Agents – Setting Up for Victory

Within Valorant’s dynamic roster, support agents are the unsung heroes. Their utility might not always shine in highlight reels, but it’s vital for a team’s triumph. Here, we rank them, focusing on their ability to bolster team success and secure pivotal plays.

10. Killjoy

Currently riding high on the popularity charts, Killjoy has established herself as a formidable force on the Valorant battlefield. Her Lockdown ability can be a match-changer, granting her team the necessary leeway to take control of crucial sites, either offensively or defensively. With enemies caught in her Lockdown almost certain to be neutralized, she provides the essential setup that can make or break a round.

9. Omen

Emerging from the shadows, Omen is adept at disrupting enemy formations. With its significant range, his Dark Cover ability offers strategic smoke cover, while Paranoia can debilitate enemy lines. Although some argue his ultimate, From the Shadows, needs buffing, the ability to teleport and scout can be used tactically, benefiting the entire team.

8. Viper

Contrary to her lone-wolf persona, Viper’s kit is about team synergy. Her Toxic Screen, Poison Cloud, and ultimate decay ability can sap the vitality of adversaries, setting them up for an easy takedown. Her Snake Bite ability further corners enemies, making them easy prey for her allies.

7. Fade

As an initiator, Fade often works in the shadows to set up plays for her team. Her Haunt can reveal hidden adversaries, while Prowler can clear a path, ensuring safer passage. Her Nightfall Ultimate is the stuff of nightmares for opponents, marking, deafening, and decaying those in its wake. Pair that with Seize, and you have a combo that can devastate enemies with utility rather than firepower.

6. Sova

Sova’s role is quintessentially that of a scout. His Recon Bolt and Owl Drone provide unparalleled reconnaissance, ensuring teammates clearly understand enemy positions. His Hunter’s Fury, while powerful on its own, can also divert enemy attention, giving allies an advantage in a firefight.

5. Breach

When it comes to breaking enemy lines, Breach is your agent. His ability to deploy utility through walls makes him versatile in support roles, enabling him to assist teammates from safe distances. His stuns, particularly Fault Line and Rolling Thunder, can set the stage for his teammates to take control of the situation.

4. Astra

Astra’s Astral Form allows her to set down stars that can act as smokes, stuns, or displacements, making her invaluable for team coordination. Her ultimate, Cosmic Divide, gives her team a protective shield and shapes the battlefield in her team’s favor.

3. Sage

Sage, the quintessential support, has healing at her core. Her Healing Orb has incentivized her to prioritize teammate recovery. Her Barrier Orb and ultimate Resurrection amplify her supporting capabilities, making her indispensable in clutch situations.

2. Skye

Skye truly embodies the spirit of a support agent in Valorant. Her multi-faceted abilities range from scouting with Trailblazer and healing allies with Regrowth to disrupting enemy vision with Guiding Light. Her Seekers ultimate is the cherry on top, marking enemies and setting them up for easy eliminations.

1. KAY/O

KAY/O’s suppression abilities are unparalleled. His ZERO/point can neutralize multiple enemy abilities, giving his team a tactical advantage. Furthermore, his ultimate, NULL/cmd, amplifies this effect, turning the tide of the battle. Even when downed, KAY/O remains an asset, his suppression effects lingering and his positioning potentially baiting enemies into a trap.

The Valorant landscape is fluid, with agents constantly evolving. In 2023, these are the agents making waves in the support category. Perfecting their use requires diligence, teamwork, and strategic insight. So, choose wisely, sync with your squad, and ascend the Valorant ranks!

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