Valorant – How to Unlock Agents With Points and Credits

unlocking yoru agent in valorant

To unlock Agents in Valorant, players can use two different methods that Riot Games has implemented. The first one is through Valorant Points, where players can buy VP and unlock a new Agent. The second method is the Kingdom Credits method, where players can earn Kingdom Credits by playing the game, and once they’ve gathered enough Kingdom Credits, they can unlock an Agent.

How To Unlocking Agents with Valorant Points

Valorant Agents cost 1000 Valorant Points each. VP can be bought or obtained through gift cards, and to unlock an Agent using Valorant Points, players need to buy or receive packages worth equal to or greater than 1000 Valorant Points, depending on their region. You should note, however, that gift cards are region specific.

unlock valorant agent using points
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Different regions have different ‘packages’ for VP, each with different prices. Most players can use this method if they want to get their hands on a newly released Agent quickly and not deal with having to wait and play games to unlock the Agent. This is particularly important since, even though Riot introduces new Agent recruitment events after an Agent’s release, Kingdom Credits only become applicable after the event ends.

As such, during the 28-day recruitment event, the only way to unlock a new Agent would be to either earn 200,000 XP, which will take a decent portion of your time, or use Valorant Points to unlock the Agent instantly.

How To Unlock Agents with Kingdom Credits

Valorant Agents cost 8000 Kingdom credits each. These credits are free and can be obtained by playing matches, winning rounds, and completing the dailies.

unlock valorant agent with kingdom credits
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To complete all four dailies and earn 600 Kingdom credits, a player can win sixteen rounds in either Unrated, Competitive, Swift Play or the Premier game mode. Alternatively, a player can also play 8 matches of either Spike Rush, Escalation, or TDM. A combination of the two will also contribute towards the completion of dailies. 

There’s also a catch-up bonus in case a player misses their dailies. Players get 2 Kingdom credits for every round played in a game, and an additional 4 Kingdom credits for every round won. So, if you win a match 13-2, you’ll get 30 Kingdom credits for playing 15 rounds and an additional 52 Kingdom credits for winning those 13 rounds, which brings the total to 82 Kingdom credits obtained from playing that match. 

This mechanism, along with stacking your dailies, can be utilized to rack up Kingdom Credits and unlock an Agent once a player reaches the 8000 Kingdom credits mark. Kingdom credits are capped at 10,000 to encourage users to spend their credits. You should note that these cannot be used to unlock new Agents while the 28-day Agent recruitment event for that Agent is active.

The Kingdom Credits system was implemented in one of the most recent patches, and it slipped past many players. However, you can keep up to date with all the most recent patch notes and updates by looking through our guides, How To Get A Knights Market Buddy, When is the new Valorant season? and Best Stretched Resolution.


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