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Are you looking for the Tier List of Best Controllers Agents in Valorant? If this is the case, you have come to the right place. Controllers are an integral part of every team in Valorant. They provide their team with the necessary utility that is needed both in offense and defense. Stick with us and let’s go over the Best Controller Agents Tier List in Valorant.

Top 6 Best Controller Agents in Valorant Tier List

Being one of the four agent roles in Valorant, Controllers are the backbone of every team. Agents in this role come with abilities that hinder and obscure enemy vision, forcing enemies into chock points. As their name says, taking control of the map is the main bread and butter for the Controller role. In the following tier list, Controllers are ranked based on how good they are at taking control of the map and how much value they bring to their team.

6. Harbor

Harbor is one of the most unique Controllers in the game, and he lacks the more traditional abilities for the role. This agent’s ability set is hard to master and it takes a lot of team coordination. Unfortunately, Harbor is best used in combination with other Controllers and that is not the best quality in a controller. 

5. Astra

Astra is one of the hardest controllers to master in the game. Additionally, it takes a lot of communication and coordination to get the most value from Astra’s kit. Good teamplay is key here and that is not something that happens if you do not play in a fully coordinated stack.

4. Clove

Although listed as a Controller, Clove feels more like a Duelist. Their ability set gives them enough options to be a pretty solid support. On the other hand, they are just better as an entry than full support. Nevertheless, the ability to drop smokes even when they are eliminated in a match is a great boon for any team.  

3.  Brimstone

The backbone Valorant Controller since its inception, Brimstone is a great choice on any map in the game. Although currently not the best Controller in the game, Brimstone brings a lot of utility and firepower. He comes with plenty of smokes, brings an Ult that can easily win you the round, and if you like to play full support he is an agent for you. 

2. Viper

Viper is one of the most useful Controllers in Valorant. Her only weakness is that she is better on some maps than others. Using her on maps like Icebox, Breeze, Bind, or Lotus a good Viper is a nightmare for the enemy team to deal with. Learning how to play Viper is a must for any player who plays predominantly Controllers. 

1. Omen

The best Controller in the game is without a doubt Omen. The versatility that Omen brings pushes him ahead of Viper, and the skill set that he brings is currently unmatched. Omen can be played a few different ways – as a lurker, entry, or smoker. His abilities offer you options to play mind games with your enemies. In addition, the ability to steal the spike with your Ult across the map is just amazing and he has one of the best flashes in the game. 

This was the list of best Controllers in Valorant, and if you want to learn more about the game, check out other articles from our team on Valorant Best Support Agents, Valorant Best Stretched Resolution, and How to Change Your Server Region.


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