How to play Clove in Valorant – Strategy and Tactics

Background image featuring new Valorant Agent, Clove.

If you are interested in how to play the latest agent in Valorant, Clove, we got you covered. Clove differs from other Controllers in the game quite a bit. Unlike others in the same role, Clove’s aggressive playstyle and immortal theme make them a unique combination not usually seen in support agents. In this guide, we will go over how best to utilize their amazing ability set, along with some strategies and tactics you can use to get an advantage over your opponents.  

How to play Clove

Firstly, Clove feels like a mix of a Duelist and a Controller and their ability set is best used proactively. With this agent, aggressive play is encouraged in both offense and defense. When attacking, you should lead from the front, use Meddle and Ruse to clear sightlines and create space for your team. While on defense you should try to catch your opponents in Meddle so your team can finish them off easily. 

Another aspect of this agent that you will need to master is their Pick-Me-Up and Not Dead Yet abilities. Positioning and timing are key to using both of these abilities effectively. Additionally, both Pick-Me-Up and Not Dead Yet will reward players who take a more aggressive approach to the game.  

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Tips, Tactics, and Strategy for Playing Clove

As we mentioned before, Clove has a great ability set that combines the powers of a Controller and a Duelist. This means that to utilize Clove fully you will have to play an entry role and create space for your team to follow.

Speed and timing are key here, and luckily, Pick-Me-Up gives you a much-needed health and speed boost. Moreover, once activated Not Dead Yet will give you a second chance to deal with your enemies.

Once thrown, Meddle will explode after a short time and everyone caught in the blast will be decayed. This will make enemies easier to deal with, and you can use Meddle to stop rushes and disrupt Spike plants.   

Unlike other Controllers, Clove can use their smoke ability Ruse even once they have been eliminated in a round. This gives your team a clear advantage over enemies, especially when used to help during retakes and post-plant situations. Just remember to communicate with your team to get the best results. 

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