Best Lurking Agents in Valorant – Top 7 Agents for Effective Lurking

Valorant Lurking Agents

In Valorant, the art of lurking is often misunderstood. Yet, it holds significant potential for turning the tide in your favor. Whether you’re looking to catch the enemy team off-guard, relay crucial information to your teammates, or disrupt enemy plans, choosing the right agent is vital. Today, we delve into the world of Valorant lurking agents, exploring the best options to add that stealthy edge to your gameplay.

Mastering the Shadows: Choosing the Perfect Lurker

Understanding a lurker’s role and harnessing specific agents’ strengths can be the secret to outmaneuvering opponents.

7. Viper

Valorant Agent Viper
Image via Riot Games

Viper’s combination of remote abilities and toxic control makes her a unique fit for lurking. She can obscure enemy vision with her Poison Cloud, while her Toxic Screen can simultaneously create barriers, facilitating ambushes. When lurking as Viper, it’s pivotal to communicate with your team, especially concerning toxin levels.

6. Cypher

Valorant Agent Cypher
Image via Riot Games

Being a Sentinel, Cypher excels in safeguarding flanks and relaying enemy movement. His Trapwires can serve as alerts and deterrents, his Spycam provides invaluable intel, and his Cyber Cages can obstruct paths, making him an exceptional lurking asset.

5. Yoru

Valorant Agent Yoru
Image via Riot Games

Yoru’s kit is not just built for direct combat but also deception. With Gatecrash, he can traverse large distances stealthily, and his Fakeout can mimic steps, sending enemies on wild goose chases. Blindside can further disorient foes, making Yoru an unpredictable and effective lurker.

4. Chamber

Valorant Agent Chamber
Image via Riot Games

While Chamber might not be the first agent that comes to mind when thinking of lurking, his unique teleporting ability, combined with his damage-dealing skills, makes him a wildcard. Chamber can catch enemies off guard when played right, proving that sometimes the best lurkers are the least expected.

3. Astra

Valorant Agent Astra
Image via Riot Games

Astra’s strength lies in her ability to exert influence from afar. As a lurker, placing stars at strategic positions can be a boon. However, one must be cautious when entering Astral Form, ensuring a safe environment lest she becomes an easy target.

2. Killjoy

Valorant Agent Killjoy
Image via Riot Games

On defense, Killjoy’s tools make her a fortress. Yet, on the offense, her abilities can effectively cover the team’s back. The trick is to stay within range and ensure her utilities remain active, leveraging her Nanoswarm and Turret for maximum lurking potential.

1. Neon

Valorant Agent Neon
Image via Riot Games

Neon’s intrinsic role as a duelist primarily centers her on aggressive plays and site entries. Yet, lurking in the shadows isn’t alien to her, especially when armed with other high-octane duelists like Jett or Reyna. Familiarizing oneself with strategic lineups for her stun enhances her lurking prowess and ensures that she remains instrumental during site pushes. While her kit doesn’t scream traditional lurking, her breakneck speed sets Neon apart. This allows her to gather intel quickly, apply pressure, or notch up a kill and promptly regroup with her team, turning the tide in crucial rounds.

Lurking is a nuanced strategy that, when executed correctly, can be a game-changer in Valorant. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each agent, players can elevate their lurking game, creating opportunities and avenues for their team that might not have been apparent otherwise. Always remember, lurking isn’t just about being stealthy; it’s about being strategic.

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