10 Best Minecraft Pillager Outpost Seeds

Image of the tallest outpost in Minecraft, featuring a towering structure made of cobblestone and wood.

This article will give you the 10 best Minecraft Pillager Outpost Seeds to try out.

Pillager outposts are automated structures manned by pillagers. Although all of them have one thing in common: their large towers can easily identify them, some pillager outposts are better than others. This may be because they have better potential resources, have a higher chance of housing Allays, or look cooler. So, without further ado, here are the 10 best Minecraft Pillager Outpost Seeds.

Minecraft: Top 10 Best Minecraft Pillager Outpost Seeds

10 – Outpost on an Island

Image of a corner of island outpost 10 in Minecraft, featuring a small outpost structure on the corner of an island.
Screenshot via ErikOnHisPeriod on Reddit
  • Seed: 55000

The first entry on this list is probably the most visually appealing one too. Located on the corner of a small island, this outpost is surrounded by trees on one side and water on the other three sides.

Many players who have come across this specific outpost can’t help but compare it to a lighthouse because of its positioning, structure shape, and most importantly, the size of the outpost itself. So if you’re looking for either a really beautiful pillager outpost or maybe a structure to convert into your lighthouse equipped with a cool water elevator, then we highly recommend this seed to you.

9 – Waterfront Outpost

Image of a waterside outlook outpost in Minecraft, featuring a small wooden structure on a beach.
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked
  • Seed: -5154410201276962300

Continuing our trend of water-related outposts, up next is the waterfront outpost which, as the name suggests, is in front of a river that makes for a terrific showcase of just how beautiful Minecraft can be.

What’s cool is that if players follow the river right in front of this outpost, they’ll eventually discover that it leads to Ruined Portal, which adds a sense of exploration to the already enjoyable experience.

8 – Outpost Overlooking a Meadow

Image of an outlook overlooking a meadow in Minecraft, featuring a wooden structure and a scenic view.
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked
  • Seed: 5636887455259297314

Not only is this seed useful because it contains a pillager outpost overlooking an expansive meadow that never ends, but it also spawns you right in front of the said outpost, saving you a lot of time.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any exploration to be done in this seed, as players who explore further than the outpost they spawn near will soon discover several more pillager outposts to be found within just a couple thousand blocks of each other.

Not only that but there are more things to be discovered, such as a massive cave with an ancient city inside of it, as well as several abandoned mineshafts that, when mastered, will be your greatest asset. Keep in mind that the cave will be as dark as can be, so we hope you know how to make a torch in Minecraft.

7 – Outpost Near Mansions

Image of a mansion outpost in Minecraft, featuring a large and impressive structure made of stone and wood.
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked
  • Seed: -50011937

This is another seed that emphasizes personal exploration. As soon as you spawn on the side of a rather big mountain, you’ll spot a village and a mansion nearby that you’re free to explore. 

However, you’ll have to travel a little over a thousand blocks to find the outpost. On the way there, you’ll eventually find another mansion, and when you do, you’ll know the outpost is nearby. 

6 – Outpost On a Tiny Island

Image of an outpost near an ancient city in Minecraft, featuring a small structure and ruins in the background.
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked
  • Seed: 2063433387183642532

This seed is special in the sense that the pillager outpost is on such a tiny piece of land (or biome). This makes it the perfect seed for players looking for an outpost that’s cut off from the rest of civilization—literally. This is an island on its own.

Of course, that isn’t all, as there’s a ruined portal nearby the outpost too, and if you’re a little more on the exploring side, then you might find yourself finding a Mesa biome and a village as well.

5 – Outpost in a Swamp

Image of an outpost in the middle of a swamp biome in Minecraft, featuring a wooden structure on stilts.
Screenshot via RandomMinecraftVideos on YouTube
  • Seed: 9096666863302040215

Seeing as all our other outposts were in places that sound pleasant to be in, how about switching things up with the seed with an outpost in a deadly swamp? There might not be any Shrek here, but there’s definitely a visually pleasing scenery to enjoy.

Those who are keen on exploring further than just the outpost will find that not only is there a witch hut just a couple hundred blocks away from it, but there’s also one of the rarest biomes to be found. You guessed it, the Badlands.

4 – Tallest Pillager Outpost

Image of the tallest outpost in Minecraft, featuring a towering structure made of cobblestone and wood.
Screenshot via Minecraft & Chill on YouTube
  • Seed: 606264399

While this seed is mostly known for its taller-than-average pillager outpost that seems to be towering over everything surrounding it, that’s not why it’s placed so high. The reason players so love it is that there’s just so much to do.

Buried treasure, igloos complete with basements, snowy regions toward the north, warm desert-like regions toward the south, not to sound cliche, but there’s a little something for everyone with this seed.

3 – Divided We Stand

Image of an outpost and village divided by a river in Minecraft, featuring a small structure and a village on opposite sides of a river.
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked
  • Seed: -8019584034730892087

One of the more interesting seeds on this list, this one spawns you on a snowy mountain, but that isn’t the cool thing. What’s cool is that on one side of the mountain is a pillager outpost, while the other has a village within 300 blocks of each other.

If that wasn’t enough, if you explore a little more, then you’ll find yourself coming across even more villages and pillager outposts to find. This unique division makes roleplaying with this seed much more enjoyable. If you don’t know already, now is the perfect time to learn how to breed villagers in Minecraft because you might not get a better opportunity than this.

2 – Five Way Deadlock

Image of a five-way deadlock outpost in Minecraft, featuring a wooden structure in the center of a crossroad.
Screenshot via crackedmagnet on YouTube
  • Seed: 3546842701776989958

Easily one of the best seeds with pillager outposts you can find, this seed not only has the promised pillager outpost, but it also has a village, a desert temple, a shipwreck, and a Nether Portal, all intersecting with each other.

This seed is so high up on this list because anyone who hasn’t seen it for themselves would say that it’s an impossibility, and yet it still somehow exists.

1 – All in One Outpost

Image of an all-in-one outpost and plains village in Minecraft, featuring a village and an outpost structure in close proximity.
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked
  • Seed: 5488802083964612079

Finally, the best pillager outpost seed on this list is the one that spawns you near an outpost and a plains village, but of course, that isn’t all there is to find here. On the contrary, we’re just getting started.

First, you’ll find a cave just opposite the outpost. Then, you’ll find several ocean monuments, buried treasure, and more discoveries until you finally come across yet another pillager outpost, but this time with the new mob Alleys.

This seed has endless discoveries to be made, taking the spot for the number one best Minecraft pillager outpost seed out there.

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