Minecraft – How to Find Netherite and What to Do With It

Image showing the nether biome in Minecraft. A chain is linking over a river of lava.

Netherite is one of the rarest and most useful materials in Minecraft. It is used to upgrade your diamond gear items, including your weapons, armor, and other tools in this tier. As impactful as this upgrade resource is, it can be as difficult to find in the game. If this resource has evaded you thus far and you can’t seem to obtain it, here is our guide on how to find Netherite in Minecraft.

How to Find Netherite in Minecraft?

Netherite Scraps are obtained by mining the Ancient Debris in the Nether, the second dimension in Minecraft. To use Netherite on your diamond items, you need to craft Netherite Ingots using Gold Ingots and Netherite Scraps. Each Netherite Ingot costs 4x Gold Ingots and 4x Netherite Scraps. Since you will have plenty of Gold Ingots, you need to stock up on Netherite Scraps.

How to Mine the Ancient Debris?

Image showing a bed set up in the Nether Biome behind a cobblestone block.
Image via Tortoisesquid YouTube

Once you reach Nether, there are several methods you can use to mine Ancient Debris. Make sure you reach the coordinate Y level 8 – 15 for efficient mining since most of the Ancient Debris is spawned at the coordinate Y = 15.

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We shall discuss some of the viable methods for Ancient Debris mining below:

  1. Use a diamond pickaxe to mine the Ancient Debris blocks. This method can be quite daunting and time-consuming as you will need to mine each block separately. Moreover, using any pickaxe other than the diamond one will destroy the block, resulting in no yield.
  2. The second method is to use a TNT. If you happen to have some spare TNT at hand, simply light it up, step away from its blast radius, and let it work its magic. A TNT blast is pretty effective as it will clear the Netherrack for you, leaving all the Ancient Debris inside for the taking.
  3. Finally, the best way of mining the Netherite Scrap is the bed mining method. Since the beds in the Nether are explosive and use very few resources to make, you can use them to cause explosions and clear out the area. You’ll have to make sure to use this method carefully as these blasts can cause tons of damage.

Making Netherite Ingots with Ancient Debris

After stocking up on Ancient Debris, you need to smelt it inside a furnace to create Netherite Scraps. Finally, use 4 pieces of Gold Ingots and 4 pieces of Netherite Scraps at a Smithing Table and make yourself some precious Netherite Ingots. Now these ingots are ready to be used for enhancing your gear.

How to use Netherite?

Finally, after obtaining the Netherite Ingots, you’re ready to use it and improve your gear. Simply take your diamond gear to a smithing table and attach the Netherite Ingot to any item you wish to upgrade. Doing so will significantly improve the stats on the item, making it more useful and stronger than ever!

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