Minecraft: How to Set Up Enchanting Table in 6 Simple Steps

Image showing a Minecraft Enchantment Table set up inbetween books.

Enchanting items in Minecraft can be a lot of fun as they add special bonuses and buffs to your gear, including your weapons, armor, and any other tools you use. The most basic item for this purpose is an Enchantment Table. If you’re wondering about the most efficient way to enchant your items, here is the guide on how to set up the Enchanting Table in Minecraft.

Best Way to Set Up the Enchanting Table in Minecraft

The maximum enchantment level you can achieve is level 30. For the level 30 enchantments, you need to have 15 Bookshelves around the Enchantment Table. The ideal arrangement and orientation of the Bookshelves around the table are what determines the best enchantments at max level. Follow the steps given below to learn about the ideal Bookshelves arrangement for the best Enchanting Table setup.

  1. Make sure you have one Enchantment Table placed on the ground.
  2. Make sure you have crafted 15 Bookshelves to be used for this setup.
  3. Only place the Bookshelves one block away from the Enchantment Table. If you place them any closer or farther, this arrangement will not work.
  4. Place 5 Bookshelves at the backside of the Enchantment Table, and keep a single block of distance from the table.
  5. Now 8 Bookshelves on the sides of the table, with 4 Bookshelves on each side, making sure there is no empty space between them.
  6. Finally, place 2 Bookshelves on the front side of the table, leaving one block open as a door.
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In this way, you will have 5 x 5 square Bookshelves around the Enchanting Table with one block open as a door, while each Bookshelf is at a 1-unit distance from the table itself.

How to Make an Enchanting Table and Bookshelves?

Any basic enchantment requires you to interact with the Enchanting Table. You have to place the item you want to enchant in one slot of the menu and fill the other slot with Lapis Lazuli, a mineral you can mine easily. However, for higher levels of enchantments, you need the bookshelves around your Enchantment Table. 

First of all, you want to make sure you have enough resources to make Bookshelves for enchantment. The items needed to craft a bookshelf are listed below:

  • Wood Planks ×6
  • Book ×3

It is a fairly easy item to create as Wood Planks and Books are easy to come by in the game. All you need are cut wooden blocks to make Wood Planks and Books only require some Leather and Paper. Make sure you stock enough of these items as your ideal Enchanting Table setup is going to need 15 Bookshelves in total for the max level.

Now, in order to make the Enchanting Table itself, you’ll require the following items:

  • Diamond ×2
  • Obsidian ×4
  • Book ×1

As described above, the Book is the easiest resource to craft as it only requires Leather and Paper. You can also make Obsidian pretty effortlessly by combining lava and water. Finally, the last item Diamond can be a bit tricky to find as you’d have to search for treasure chests across regions like Nether and Overworld.

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