What is Night Mode in The Finals

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Embark Studios’ new FPS, The Finals, surprised everyone with its release during the Game Awards 2023. Without a doubt, this was good news for the FPS community. The Finals is a game that combines highly action-packed FPS experience with destructible terrain. Additionally, the game offers players three different classes to choose from, alongside a few unique game modes. In a game like The Finals, clear sound is undoubtedly an integral part of the experience. Night Mode is part of the audio options in the game. Here you can find an explanation of Night Mode and how you can use it in The Finals.

The Finals: Night Mode sound option explained

Night Mode is an audio setting that rearranges the audio output, making ambient sounds and walking louder. This happens while it simultaneously makes gunshots and explosion sounds less prominent. It’s a perfect option if you want to play and not disturb others in the house. If you are using a headset this option is unnecessary, but it can be used especially if you are not a fan of loud explosions. Also, this option is very useful if you want to focus on the enemy’s running sounds instead of shooting. To enable or disable Night Mode, simply go to the Settings and then to the Audio tab. Once there, find the Output group and change Night Mode to On or Off.

What are other Audio options in The Finals?

While we are in the Audio tab, let’s take a look at other options you can use to influence sound in the game. It should be noted that you should experiment a bit with these options and find sound specifics that suit you the most. Here are all the Audio options in The Finals:

  • Master Volume: This is the overall level of all sounds in the game. 
  • Music Volume: Music adds atmosphere to the game but if you want to focus purely on gaming, you can tone down or turn off music completely.
  • SFX Volume: This regulates the volume of sounds that enemies make in the game. We recommend that you keep this on max.
  • Dialogue Volume: Dialogue in this game is not essential to the gameplay, but it can provide useful information during the match.
  • Output Mode: This lets you choose the sound output mode. If you are using headphones or a headset this should stay on Stereo/Headphones.

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