What Is the Sample Cap in Helldivers 2

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If you are wondering if there is a maximum number of Samples that you can have in the game, we got you covered. This article answers the question: what is the Sample cap in Helldivers 2?

Halldivers 2 has four types of in-game currency, each used for unlocking or upgrading different things. You have Requisition points, Super Credits, Medals, and Samples. Concerning the latter, If you have already unlocked everything, there is nothing more to do with Samples than to stockpile them. But, is there a limit? What is the Sample cap in Helldivers 2? Let’s see.

Helldivers 2: Is There a Sample Cap

In Helldivers 2, you collect Samples during missions. They can be found in various locations and places of interest and are divided into three categories: Common, Rare, and Super Uranium. You can find Common Samples on any difficulty level, Rare Samples from Challenging difficulty and up, and Super Uranium samples from the Suicide Mission difficulty onward.

There is indeed a maximum number of samples that you can have in Helldivers 2. The cap is 500 Common Samples, 250 Rare Samples, and 100 Super Uranium Samples. This cap may be changed in the future. However, as you only use Samples to upgrade your Destroyer, that is highly unlikely.

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  • BECOME A LEGEND – You will be assembled into squads of up to four Helldivers and assigned strategic missions. Watch each other’s back – friendly fire is an unfortunate certainty of war, but victory without teamwork is impossible.
  • LOADOUTS – Rain down freedom from above, sneak through enemy territory, or grit your teeth and charge head-first into the jaws of combat. How you deliver liberty is your choice; you’ll have access to a wide array of explosive firepower, life-saving armour and battle-changing stratagems… the jewel in every Helldiver’s arsenal.
  • REQUISITION – Super Earth recognises your hard work with valuable Requisition. Use it to access different rewards that benefit you, your squad, your destroyer ship and our overall war effort.
  • THREATS – Everything on every planet wants you dead. That’s what we’re dealing with. Each enemy has distinct and unpredictable characteristics, tactics, and behaviour – but they all fight ferociously and without fear or morality.

What Are Samples For

In Helldivers 2 you use Samples to unlock Ship Modules. These upgrades improve your Stratagems and are incredibly useful, almost mandatory on higher difficulties.

To unlock all Ship Modules, you’ll need a total of 1380 Common Samples, 790 Rare Samples, and 65 Super Samples. These numbers may change in the future if the devs add more Ship Modules to the list. 

As the game progresses, we may see more uses for Samples, besides the Ship upgrades. With the rumors of incoming Weapon Attachments and ammunition types circling the community, it may happen you need Samples to unlock them. Only time will tell.

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