How to Get Moon Dust in Hades 2

Hades 2 Arcana Cards

Moon Dust is one of the more sought-after ingredients in Hades 2, so read this article to learn how to get it.

In Hades 2 you play as Melinoe, a witch tutored by Hecate, the goddess of Magic. As any witch worth her salt, Melinoe will use spells, perform Incantations, have Animal Familiars, and use Arcana Cards. Those Arcana Cards offer her useful bonuses in the game. But, that is not all. Arcana Cards can be improved with a special resource called Moon Dust. This article will explain how to get some Moon Dust in Hades 2, and how to use it.

Hades 2: How to Get Moon Dust

Moon Dust is a valuable resource mostly needed to upgrade Melinoe’s Arcana Cards. But, unfortunately, it is not as easily obtainable as some of the other reagents. You won’t find it lying around while doing your runs.

  • You will get your first Moon Dust when you perform the Consecration of Ashes Incantation. This Incantation unlocks the ability to upgrade your Arcana Cards, and grants you three Moon Dust, to get you going.
  • After that, Moon Dust is sold by the Wretched Broker, costing 80 Bones for one Moon Dust.
  • You can purchase Moon Dust from Charon, in both of his shops.
    • If luck is on your side, Charon may offer Moon Dust for 1000 Gold near the end of a run, before you face the final boss.
    • Alternatively, in Charon’s Gold Rewards Shop (in the Crossroads), you can get four Moon Dust in exchange for four Obol Points.
  • The Alchemy tab at the Cauldron has two recipes that make Moon Dust.
    • Moonlit Essence From Shadow requires one Cinder (obtained by defeating Hecate) and one Shadow (also brewed at the Cauldron), but you will get five Moon Dust in return.
    • Moonlit Essence From Stars requires only one Star Dust (awarded for completing Chaos Trials, via Pitch-Black Stone, after performing the Abyssal Insight Incantation), and rewards you with three Moon Dust in Return.
  • You can get six Moon Dust by completing the Natural Talent Prophecy.
Image of the Cauldron and Incantations in Hades 2.
Image via N4G Unlocked

How to Use Moon Dust

Moon Dust is used for Insights, a mechanic for upgrading your Arcana Cards. Each Arcana Card can be upgraded with some Moon Dust (cost depending on the Card and Rank), after performing the Consecration of Ashes Incantation. Upgraded Arcana Cards are more potent while retaining the same amount of Grasp required to use them, ie, upgraded Arcana Cards do not take up more “space” than the non-upgraded ones.

Using Moon Dust to improve Arcana Cards is incredibly useful, especially for late-game, as the powers provided by those cards are nothing to smirk at.


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