What Is Mix-Up Monday in Fortnite? Explained

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There is a special kind of tournament that is only playable on a particular day. Read on to see what is Mix-Up Monday in Fortnite.

Fortnite is one of the most popular online multiplayer shooters of all time. With its funky cartoony visuals, different game modes, and tons of cosmetics, it is no wonder that millions of players play it regularly. And what’s an online shooter without a competitive scene? Naturally, Fortnite has one. But, Fortnite is open to more than the usual competitive modes you would expect. It also has a special type of tournament called Mix-Up Monday. What is it? Let’s find out. Let’s dive right in and see what Mix-Up Monday is in Fortnite and what makes it special.

What Is Mix-Up Monday in Fortnite?

Mix-Up Monday is a special type of tournament in Fortnite, that is playable only on, you guessed it, Mondays. Alright, what is the Mix-Up part?

Mix-Up means that the way you score in each Mix-Up Monday is different. One week it is pure eliminations – you get one point for each elimination, and whoever gets to 25 points first is the winner. In another week, you only get points for Pickaxe kills, or something similar. Each Monday is a new Mix-Up. 

These events are Duo-only, ie, you can either play with a friend or be assigned a random player to team up with.

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How to Participate in Mix-Up Monday?

There are a couple of conditions you must meet first in order to sign up for Mix-Up Monday.

  • First, you need to have enabled the Two-Factor Verification (“2FA”).
  • Second, you must be at least Level 15.
  • Lastly, you must have at least a Bronze Rank in the region you play in.

When all of these simple conditions are met, you are eligible to participate in Mix-Up Monday. Note that to play with a friend, both of you need to meet these requirements.

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