How to Counter and Break the Ballistic Shield in Fortnite

The Ballistic Shield item set against a black background in Fortnite

Trying to figure out how to counter and break the Ballistic Shield in Fortnite? We’ve got you covered. Stick around for all the details about weak spots, counter strategies, and more.

The Ballistic Shield can be exceptionally tough to deal with in Fortnite. While its dual offense and defense capabilities make this type of shield great to have, you don’t want to run into opponents equipped with them. So, how do you dish out counter-attacks when an enemy is able to block and shoot at the same time? As strong as Ballistic Shields can be, there are several weak spots that you can take advantage of to get the upper hand — not to mention a few different strategies that can effectively turn the tides in your favor. Here’s how to counter and break Ballistic Shields in Fortnite.

How Do You Beat Enemies with Ballistic Shields in Fortnite?

While the Ballistic Shield is undoubtedly one of the hardest pieces of equipment to counter in Fortnite, no defensive strategy is infallible. Fortunately, one of the easiest ways to deal with enemies equipped with these shields is to aim for open weak spots. An enemy’s back is one of the most obvious vulnerable areas. Of course, hitting your target here can be difficult without teammates, so you’ll want to make sure a partner has distracted your opponent before you can get a clean shot.

That aside, solo players can still get some significant shots in on their own. While sneaking up from behind can pose a problem, aiming for the arms and legs of your opponent can be done regardless of your position. Now, this can be rather difficult, especially if your target is moving. However, practice with specific weapons can yield better results with time.

You can pick up the Lock On Pistol to help with your aim now that the weapon has been reintroduced to the game. Grenades can also be a game-changer against the Ballistic Shield, as they deal damage and disorient your foes in one fell swoop. Seasoned players might also have some luck with melee weapons like the Grapple Blade. With this item, you can even switch to a more powerful weapon at close range to launch a devastating combo attack on your opponent.

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Breaking the Ballistic Shield

If you have exceptionally powerful weapons on hand, you can break Ballistic Shields in Fortnite. Granted, this will take some work even with suitable weapons, but the shield will inevitably drop if you continue to fire at it. This will create an opening for just a moment, so you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared to deal the fatal blow when the shield falls in order for this strategy to work. It also helps to go in with a shield of your own to block any incoming attacks in the meantime.

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