Fortnite Player Shares Their Biggest Regret – “I Am Still Upset About This”

Fortnite biggest regrets

Customizing your character is an important part of any game for many gamers. And it just plain sucks when you have only a part of a full outfit unlocked, with the rest irrevocably gone. This is an issue that one Fortnite player brought forward. Imagine having unlocked a character you want. You start unlocking all the different pieces of the outfit, but can’t quite make it for all of them. And then they’re gone. So you have to look at your collection only half-complete, a reminder of what you missed out on.

Fortnite Players Upset Over Half-Complete Outfits

The thread started on Reddit by ThiccGuy01 struck a nerve with the community. While the Omega skin and related outfits were used as an example, the thread points to a larger problem. 

As expected, a vast majority of the community agrees that this is a problem. They commiserate with the OP and many have their own stories relating to this issue. Yet there’s another problem that feeds into the whole situation. 

As Amilguls puts it: “Low key what’s frustrating is last season I noticed that Epic removed the ability to see the styles you didn’t unlock altogether… maybe it was temporary and it’s back now… But that was a thing”. The worst part is that this is a feature introduced to combat that Fortnite created in the first place.

In Fortnite and modern gaming in general, FOMO (“fear of mission out”) is a large cause of anxiety in gamers. It is created through the artificial scarcity of digital content, with time-gated Battle Passes being a prime example. 

For example, when you buy a Fortnite Battle Pass, that does not guarantee that you can get everything from it. Moreover, the grind to get everything that you paid for can result in hundreds of hours needed to get the necessary XP. Being unable to finish outfits for a skin is just the tip of the iceberg in a much larger problem within the industry.

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