How to Get Blast Powder in LEGO Fortnite? Explanation and Uses.

Fortnite LEGO image of a character running away from monsters

Do you need some Blast Powder to make those LEGO vehicles? Read on to see how to get Blast Powder in LEGO Fortnite.

Lego Fortnite is rising in popularity each day. We all know and love Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, but more and more players are interested in the LEGO mode. And it’s no wonder, as there you can build your own village, recruit villagers, grow crops, pet animals, the list goes on. And, as expected, crafting requires some materials. These can be as simple as Wood, needed for almost every building in the game. Others can be quite rare to find or require hunting down a specific monster to obtain. They are usually needed for more advanced and exotic crafts. One just like that is Blast Powder so read on to find out how to get it, and what’s it for.

How to Get Blast Powder in LEGO Fortnite?

You can get your hands on some Blast Powder by finding and defeating a certain type of Skeletons. First travel to the Dry Valley or the Beach Biome, and there wait for the night to fall. When night falls, monsters will show up. Now look for Skeletons that look like Cowboys (ie. wearing cowboy hats and bandanas), defeat them, and they should drop some Blast Powder.

Another way of obtaining Blast Powder is by opening chests. Bear in mind that the loot inside chests is quite random, so finding Blast Powder in them is pure luck.

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How to Use Blast Powder?

Blast Powder is needed to make Dynamites and Boom Barrels.

Additionally, it’s mostly needed for vehicles because you need Blast Powder to make Small Thrusters, Large Thrusters, and Activation Switches. So if you want to drive around in style, you better get looking for some Blast Powder.

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