How to Get Interstellar Bass in Fortnite

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There is a new dance emote available in Fortnite, named Interstellar Bass, so let’s see how to get it.

Fortnite is an insanely popular shooter, with millions of players and thousands of different Emotes. These emotes range from greetings and pop-culture references to ever-popular Fortnite dances. And, naturally, Epic Games continues to add more and more Emotes to the list. A new dance emote has been released, so let’s see how you can get your hands on it. Read on to see how to get Interstellar Bass emote in Fortnite.

How to Get Interstellar Bass in Fortnite

Getting Interstellar Bass emote is more than simple – it is available in the shop today, February 26. From Fortnite’s main menu head over to Item Shop. There, under the Original Spotlight subcategory, you will find Interstellar Bass, along with Jittershock Outfit, PJ Outfit, Tape Decker Pickaxe, and Bounce With It Emote. As with most things in Fortnite’s shop, you need some V-Bucks to purchase it. To get Interstellar Bass, you need to pay 500 V-Bucks for it.

Since it is a brand-new Emote, it may stay in the shop for more than one day. But, due to the rotating nature of Fortnite’s Shop, we cannot guarantee it. So head to the Shop and get this dance as soon as possible, just in case.

What is Interstellar Bass?

Interstellar Bass is a dance Emote in Fortnite, part of the Icon Series. Icon Series are cosmetics based on notable celebrities, artists, and influencers. Its official description is: “Enter the space of bass.” It is a funky dance, inspired by the song Planet of the Bass, performed by Kyle Gordon (feat. DJ Crazy Times & Ms. Biljana Electronica), from 2023. The Emote is released in Chapter 5: Season 1, on February 26, 2024, with the v28.30 Update. 

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