How to Join the Lady Gaga Fortnite Festival

Fortnite Festival Season 2 image with Lady Gaga

Interested in how to join the Lady Gaga event in Fortnite Festival? Here we will try to explain everything, so read on.

Fortnite is slowly moving away from being just a battle royale and is turning into a platform, a “multiverse” if you will. And there you have Fortnite Festival, a game mode much like Rock Star or Guitar Hero. It was introduced by Eminem and the headliner for the first season of Festival was Weeknd. The famous pop star came with a skin and a couple of music tracks. Now, the headliner for the next Festival season is none other than Lady Gaga herself. Will there be a live concert? Is there going to be an event? Let’s see. Let’s see how to join Lady Gaga in Fortnite Festival.

How to Join the Lady Gaga Event in Fortnite Festival

Lady Gaga and the next Festival season are going live on February 22, 2024, and it seems there won’t be a special event of any kind. Season 2, called Unlock Your Talent, will run from February 22 until April 22, 2024.

You just have to log in to Fortnite Festival from February 22 onward and you can access the new Reward Track and other Lady Gaga content.

  • Audio CD – Audiobook
  • Interscope (Publisher)

What to Expect From Festival Season 2

A new Festival season is coming with a new headliner – Lady Gaga. We’ll get a new Festival Reward Track, for those Festival Points. It will include some new cosmetics specifically for the Festival, inspired by her Chromatica tour, and Lady Gaga Outfit is the final reward. Moreover, being a headliner, more of Lady Gaga’s songs will be added as Jam Tracks. Now, let’s see in more detail what is coming in Season 2.

The new Reward track will feature other Gaga items, like Chromatica Guitar, Chromatica Keytar, “Poker Face” Jam Track, The Gaga Collection Loading Screen, Kindness Punk Emote, and Electric Sine Back Bling

Fortnite image of the new Lagy Gaga comsetics for Festival
Image via Epic Games

Besides the aforementioned Reward Track, there are going to be some Gaga items in the shop. Namely, Chromatica Armor Outfit, Chromatica Bass, Chromatica Mic, “Stupid Love” Jam Track, and Rain Check Emote.

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