How to Fix “Fortnite Server Offline” Error in Fortnite

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There is an error completely preventing players from logging into Fortnite, so let’s see how we can fix the “Fortnite Server Offline” error.

Online games are prone to having server errors, and not even Fortnite is safe from that. With millions of players actively playing every second, some issues are bound to come up. Recently, fans reported that they are completely unable to log into the game, so let’s see what can be done about it. Read on to see how to fix the “Server Offline” error in Fortnite.

Ways to Fix “Fortnite Server Offline” Error in Fortnite

There are a couple of fixes and workarounds that you can try to bypass the “Server Offline” error. The servers may be under maintenance, especially with the new Festival Season underway, so better to check the official server status page before trying one of the solutions.

Restart Epic Games Launcher

A soft reboot may the all that your game needs. Start by closing the Epic Games launcher altogether (if on PC, open your Task Manager > Processes to ensure that no Epic Games processes are still running). Give it a minute or two and then launch Epic Games once again. With luck, your connection to the servers is refreshed and the “Server Offline” message is gone.

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Verify Game Files

Maybe some Fortnite files have gone bad, thus preventing you from playing the game. It happens. To fix that, follow these steps: open your Epic Games launcher, and look for Fortnite in your Library. Click on the three dots next to the title and select Manage. There you will see the “Verify” button. Click on it, give it time to finish, and try launching Fortnite again.

Clear Cache

Some fans report that clearing Epic Games’ cache has solved this issue, so you can try doing just that. First, end any processes related to Epic Games (as we described in the “Restart Epic Games Launcher” section). Now, the cache files are located in the “AppData” folder, and the fastest way to reach it is to launch Run (either Win+R on your keyboard or search for it in the Windows search bar) and type in “%localappdata%”. Now open the “EpicGamesLauncher” folder, and then go to the “Saved” folder. Delete all folders with “webcache” in their name. Now reopen the Epic Games Launcher and try starting Fortnite again.

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