How To Bind Basic Attack in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 male and female character.

If you’re looking at how to bind Basic Attack in Diablo IV, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will explain everything that you need to know while adventuring in Sanctuary.

Diablo IV is Blizzard’s latest offering when it comes to the Diablo series’ gameplay. It has notably been a PC title in the past, but consoles have been able to enjoy this action-RPG series with the past few iterations. One thing that PC players may notice is that movement, and your basic attacks are bound to the same button, which can lead to less than helpful situations, but can you rebind attacks?

Fortunately, this can be fixed with key rebinding on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Blizzard Entertainment and Diablo 4 does allow players to change the layout of their inputs, including basic attacks and weapons. Here is how to change your basic skills in Diablo 4.

How To Rebind Your Basic Skill in Diablo 4

Movement and your core skills are bound to the same keybindings in Diablo IV. This is left-clicking on the left mouse button by default to get your character to the designated position. You can also use right-clicking with the right mouse button. However, this can lead to issues when you are trying to move and accidentally click on nearby enemies, foes, corpses, minions, and more. Fortunately, Diablo 4 offers a way to change your key bindings. Here is how to rebind keys in Diablo 4 on the keyboard in the options menu.

  • Open the Menu.
  • Go to the Controls tab.
  • Select Key Bindings.
  • Scroll to Combine Move/Interact/Basic Skill Slot.
  • Disable this setting.

This allows you to change the movement, interact, and basic attack in Diablo 4 and build the best build. Regardless of whether you play Barbarian, Necromancer, Rogue, Sorcerer, or Druid, you can increase your attack speed without fear of misclicking. This does not affect movement speed, so you can take advantage of your basic skills and use your best skills with confidence. This is also helpful knowledge when you are assigning skills.

The Basic Attack swing is your weakest attack, but one you will use most often. It also requires no mana, making it reliable. Having this properly bound is crucial for playing your best.

This can help you with defensive skills and increase your mastery skills. Learn your hotkeys and action bar to gain the most insight and bonuses into the game. Having your basic attack properly bound allows you to focus on passive effects and collecting primary resources. Having a good binding to cast your basic attack will let you do direct damage easily.

How To Attack Without Moving in Diablo 4

You can opt to keep this control setting in place and simply work around it. This is by default done by holding the Shift key. This lets you use your basic skills and deal basic attack damage while holding still. This is great for any Sorcerer build, Necromancy build, Druid build, Barbarian build, or Rogue build. This doesn’t apply to auto attack, but is still good to know. Regular attack without moving is helpful for the best rogue build, reaching endgame, learning paragon boards, and mastering the battlefield.

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