Is Loot Shared Between All Your Characters in Diablo 4?

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Are you wondering is the loot shared between your characters in Diablo 4? We will explain everything about this topic and more.

Many Blizzard games offer an “alt-friendly” experience, and the Diablo series has been no exception. Players are incentivized to make multiple characters under the same account. You can try out multiple builds, gameplay, and playstyles.

Usually, some mechanics make leveling and gearing these accounts easier, such as the ability to trade loot from a main account to an alt account or experience bonuses based on your main account’s progress. Many are wondering if the same will be true in the open world of Diablo IV.

Shared loot would be the easiest way to do this. Players are wondering if they’ll have the ability to move items from one character to another easily or if they’ll have to trade items from one account to another using a middleman or and NPC. This ease of shared storage across the server would be preferable, but is this the way it works in Diablo 4? Let’s see is the loot shared between your Characters without the need for any tricks in Diablo 4.

Can Your Loot be Shared Between Your Characters in Diablo 4?

Yes, there is a way to share loot between characters in Diablo 4. Similar to previous Diablo games like Diablo 3, players will have access to an inventory system called The Stash at the Inn. The Stash is similar to a personal bank where a player can store helpful items. Any items placed in a Stash tab will be accessible to any of the player’s characters. This lets you share any gear – armor, weapons, jewelry, gems – that you’ve acquired on another character. You can find The Stash next to the Wardrobe (where you store cosmetics) at the Inn, first in Kyovashad in Fractured Peaks when you finish the Prologue, and then in all major cities of Sanctuary.

Characters from a player’s account that share the game mode (those being Eternal, Hardcore, Seasonal, and Seasonal Hardcore) would all have access to the same Shared Stash Chest within the mode. This means that a player could have up to four shared Stashes, one for each game mode. The same goes for Codex of Power and the associated Legendary Aspects.

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Benefits of Shared Loot in Diablo 4

With that confirmed, players should feel free to make as many alt accounts as they would like in Diablo 4. Playing a Barbarian but finding a good item for a Druid? Throw it in the Shared Stash for when you want to roll a Druid. Gearing low-level characters will be simple, making the early levels a breeze and getting players into the higher levels faster. It will also help for Side Quests and World Bosses. After all, transferring items from your max-level character to a new one is a great head start with Nightmare Dungeons and keeping up with party members.

This means that the loot you get from dungeons, like armor, weapons, stash chests, elixirs, and more will be shared, allowing your PC and console characters to increase their stats alongside Altars of Lilith. You can even share Murmuring Obols and Red Dust. Complete quests with overpowered loot and conquer strongholds regardless of your character. This also includes legendaries, making your legendary items even more valuable. Battle Pass, magic items, and unique items are great to hold on to, especially if you want to show off your goods to teammates in couch co-op or multiplayer.

Is there Shared Loot in Co-Op?

Yes, you will be able to share loot when playing co-op, since each player gets their own unique loot drops. Plus Blizzard has a great system in place, where the drop loot will be relevant to your class. However, if you find that the dropped loot isn’t what you want, then you can trade or share these with your friends. So you can invite your friends and launch a co-op game without anyone getting the short end.

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