How To Go Berserk and What Does It Do in Diablo 4

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Are you playing Barbarian in Diablo 4 and aren’t sure how to get the Berserk buff? Our guide will help you out, so read on to find out.

The thrill of battle, adrenaline rush, and the hunger for victory fuel a Barbarian’s Berserk rage in Diablo IV. But what does going Berserk actually mean for your Barbarian build, and how does it contribute to your arsenal of skills? We’ll dive right into that, looking at the damage, attack speed, and Fury involved so you can cruise through the world of Sanctuary in Diablo 4.

How to Get the Berserking Buff in Diablo 4?

So, how do we unlock this ferocious state? Being a Barbarian, our class-specific skills come to our rescue. Entering the Berserk state isn’t just about hacking and slashing recklessly. As a Barbarian, your weapon isn’t just for show – you need specific Skills that will push you into this rage-filled state. 

Remember, if a Skill doesn’t mention Berserking, it doesn’t mean it never will. Upgrading a specific Skill may add this buff to the skill. For example, putting more skill points into War Cry will enhance it to Enhanced Way Cry, which gives Berserking, but improving it into Mighty War Cry is a different upgrade path that doesn’t provide the buff. But upgrading it again will increase your bonus damage by 30%, so perfect for buffing nearby allies.

If you’re going for a Berserk build, you must ensure every skill grants Berserk to prolong your time in this powered-up state. Each skill will have a cooldown, so having the perfect rotation to get Fury generation and increase the frenzy like Berserking duration throughout the fight.

In Season of the Construct, your Seneschal Companion can have a Resource Support Tuning Stone, to keep your Fury full.

What Does Going Berserk Do in Diablo 4?

Once Berserking is active, it’s as if your Barbarian has just downed an energy drink. Your damage increases by 25%, your movement speed by 30%, and bleeding damage from your enemies might just seem like a scratch on your thick skin, so no shield required.

This 25% damage increase affects your base damage, as well as any weapon mastery skills. Depending on your skills, you can decimate your foes with a two-handed weapon or flay them using a whirlwind. No elite enemies will stand a chance.

But as a Barbarian, you need to deal damage, so defense isn’t your strongest suit, but of course, you can use Passive abilities such as Aggressive Resistance to gain damage reduction. But they say offense is the strongest defense so that you can protect the rogue, necromancer, and sorcerer of the group! The Druid may be okay!

All Skills That Give You Berserk in Diablo 4

Your Berserking state won’t just magically happen. You’ve got to earn it, and here are the skills that will help you unlock this powerful tool in your Barbarian arsenal to unleash your endless fury:

  • Combat Lunging Strike: Our Critical Strikes with Lunging Strike will grant us Berserking for 1.5 seconds. Imagine the onslaught!
  • Violent Upheaval: If our Upheaval damages at least 2 enemies, we gain Berserking for 2 seconds. And if we damage at least 4 enemies, it increases to 3 seconds. More enemies, more power!
  • Enhanced War Cry: Our War Cry will grant us Berserking for 4 seconds. Let the enemies tremble at our roar!
  • Battle Fervor: Damaging at least one enemy with a Brawling skill will grant us Berserking for 1 second. Let’s dive into the brawl!
  • Fighter’s Steel Grasp: If our Steel Grasp damages an enemy, we gain Berserking for 2 seconds. Grasp, crush, repeat!
  • Warrior’s Death Blow: If our Death Blow damages at least one enemy, we gain Berserking for 3 seconds. Time for the final strike!
  • Wrath of the Berserker: We gain Berserking and Unstoppable for 5 seconds. For the next 10 seconds, dealing direct damage with Basic Skills grants us Berserking for 5 seconds. Unleash the fury of this ultimate skill.

Fuel your Fury, reduce your Fury cost, and let your weapons sing the song of battle. Going Berserk in Diablo 4 isn’t just about fury or a Viking tradition – it’s a strategic resource for your Barbarian build. This is incredibly helpful against boss fights, allowing you to unleash your ferocity.

So activate your furious rage and use one of the best trademarks of a Barbarian. Make the most of your Barbarian by tapping into your frenzy and going Berserk. This unrelenting fury will make a force to be reckoned with across Sanctuary.

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