Are Diablo 4 Servers Down For Maintenance?

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Are you wondering if Diablo IV servers are down? Then keep reading.

Since its launch, the Diablo 4 servers have had just as much of an adventure as the players in the game. With many connectivity issues, hotfixes, and more, there was a lot going on with them. Even beyond that, live-service game servers require constant maintenance. This is a time when servers are taken down so that the engineers and crew at Blizzard can inspect them, apply larger fixes, upgrades, and so on. So how do you know if Diablo 4 is down and check on its server status? Read this guide to find out. 

Is Diablo 4 Down Right Now?

At the moment, on May 23, Diablo 4 is running, but players report some login issues. This is due to the recent patch causing some problems with logging in. Over 6000 players reported this, but it seems that the game is now running without much trouble.

Is Diablo 4 Down For Maintenance?

Diablo 4 is currently not down for maintenance. It was last down for maintenance on May 14, due to the release of the new Season.

Diablo 4 Season 3 gameplay image of the new season
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

How To Check Diablo 4 Server Status?

Server issues can sometimes prevent you from playing Diablo 4. At other times, there’s scheduled maintenance when servers are down on purpose. In both instances, it’s good to know how and where to check. 

When you encounter a problem connecting to Diablo 4 servers and logging in, you should check the official Diablo Twitter account. Here, you can see if there’s an announcement about anything happening with the servers.

While on the topic of Twitter, there are also Blizzard Customer Service accounts that you can follow. They sometimes tweet about issues affecting their specific regions. For that reason, you should follow the account in the region that you play in, such as NA, EU, and others.

For third-party checks, you can check on a site like DownDetector. Their Diablo 4 page can give you information about server status over the past 24 hours.

Lastly, you may be experiencing a bug yourself. Diablo 4 can encounter errors such as Error Code 401003, Error Code 300202, and Error Code 30008 that may seem like server issues at first glance. These and other errors can be fixed in just a few steps, so you can get back to adventuring in Sanctuary in no time.


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