Best Graphics Settings For Diablo 4

diablo 4 graphics

Looking for the best graphics settings for Diablo 4? Follow this guide to get the most out of your experience.

Players playing Diablo 4, an instalment of one of the most beloved role-playing dungeon crawlers, deserve only the best experience. However, having random FPS drops or the game not looking as good as it can be are factors bound to dwindle the fun of playing the game. Fortunately, we’re here with the best graphic settings for Diablo IV that should give you the best visual experience possible as you journey through the world of Sanctuary.

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Diablo 4 Best Graphic Settings

Before applying the PC graphics settings we’ve listed below, you should ensure you’ve done a couple of things. For starters, all your drivers and your Windows should be updated, as that will increase the chances of Diablo 4 running better on your system. This goes doubly so for your graphics drivers, so make sure to update them too. With that being said, let’s dive into the best graphic settings for Diablo 4.

  • Display – Fullscreen 
  • Adapter – Ensure your graphic card is set
  • Monitor – Only relevant if you have multiple monitors. Simply select the monitor you want to play on
  • Refresh Rate – The native refresh rate of your monitor
  • Resolution – The native resolution of your monitor. Alternatively, you can change this according to preference.
  • Sharpen Image – 6 or 7 according to preference.
  • Font Scale – Medium
  • Cursor Scale – Small
  • HDR – Disabled
  • Vertical Sync – Enabled 
  • Lock Cursor – Disabled
  • Peripheral Lighting – Enabled
  • Brightness – Depends completely on your personal preference
  • Resolution Percentage – 100%
  • Temporal Reconstruction – Only enable if DLSS is off, otherwise disable it.
  • DLSS – Ultra Performance (if possible, otherwise performance)
  • Max Foreground FPS – Depends on your preference and monitor refresh rate
  • Max Background FPS – 8
  • Texture Quality – Low or Medium 
  • Anisotropic Filtering – Recommended is 16x, but go for 2x if you face stuttering
  • Shadow Quality – Low 
  • Dynamic Shadows – Enabled 
  • Soft Shadows – Enabled 
  • Shader Quality – Low or Medium
  • SSAO Quality – Medium 
  • Fog Quality -Medium 
  • Clutter Quality – Medium 
  • Fur Quality Level – Medium 
  • Water Simulation Quality – Medium 
  • Anti-aliasing Quality Low 
  • Geometric Complexity – Medium 
  • Terrain Geometry Detail – High 
  • Physics Quality -High 
  • Particles Quality – Medium 
  • Reflection Quality – High 
  • Screen Space Reflections – Disabled 
  • Distortion – Disabled 
  • Low FX – Enabled

Further Considerations

Although these are the best general graphic settings for Diablo 4, one thing to remember is that some of these settings can be changed to fit your personal preference or, depending on how strong or weak your system specifications are compared to the Diablo 4 system requirements. Check your GPU and hardware to see what works best for you to get the best graphics.

For example, a high-end PC might afford to bump all the quality-related graphic settings to the utmost extreme for the best PC settings, Ultra performance, and frame rates. However, if you’re someone with a mid to low-end PC or laptop, you won’t be able to do the same since you’ll have to change the settings to suit your system specifications. Otherwise, you might experience FPS drops or the game outright freezing on you.

Look at the minimum settings for Diablo 4 and compare them to your PC. However, don’t worry if you need to use medium graphics or low graphics settings if you only meet the minimum requirements. It is best to look at your specs before setting your graphics. Often the default and recommended graphic settings are the best option. Therefore, you should use these if you do not know your PC’s specs.

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