How to sell CS2 Case on Steam Market

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Cases in CS2 can be a source of skins for your growing collection. Alternatively, cases can be sold for money on Steam Market. Then that money can be spent on keys to open more cases or to buy skins directly. And for that wheel to keep turning you need to know how to sell your CS2 cases on Steam Market.

To sell CS2 Cases on the Steam Market you will first need to have cases to sell. Luckily Valve awards you with a random case drop just for playing the game. Now that you got some cases to sell you can do that in the CS2 market on Steam. 

How to access the Steam Market 

To access the market on Steam you can use two different paths. Eventually, they will bring you to the same place. Finding CS2 in your Steam Library you will see the Market option. Clicking on it will take you to the Community Market for CS2. Here you can buy different skins for CS. But we are not here for that, so on the right side of the screen is your Wallet balance, and beneath it View Inventory. This will bring you to your CS2 inventory and all items you have in the game will be displayed there. 

Another method is to run Steam. You can see in the top left corner STORE, LIBRARY, COMMUNITY tabs, and your Steam account name in bold letters. Hovering over your name will bring up a menu, where you can find your Inventory at the bottom. Clicking it will lead you to your item inventory where you simply need to select Counter-Strike 2 to see all of your owned in-game items.

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How to Sell a CS2 Case

Now that you are in the inventory you need to pick a Case that you want to sell. Selecting any Case will show all of its specifications on the right side of the screen. It contains information such as which collection the case is a part of, a list of potential skins and their rarity. By pressing View in Community Market, you can check the specifics for all trades of that Case that took place in the last 30 days.  

At the bottom of this page, there is a Sell button. When you press it, a pop-up window will show you a simpler version of the sales graph. There you will have to enter the price for your item. Entering a number in one of the two boxes Steam will automatically fill the other box adding or subtracting their fee. Now all you need to do is mark the box to agree to the terms of the Steam Subscriber Agreement and click the OK, put it up for sale button.

With that, your CS2 Case will be put forward on the Steam Market, waiting for someone to come and buy it. If you have priced it right, you can expect a quicker sale. However, setting the price too high may result in the case returning to your inventory unsold. An item put up for sale on the Steam Market will remain there for 6 months before returning.

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