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"Gaming Like A God"


What the heck is Game Tech Zero? Now we are getting to the fun bit, and that is what the site is all about. Game Tech Zero is all about video games, movies, tv, music, entertainment, and technology. Richard, the site’s creator, has worked on many sites in the past revolving around different subjects and decided to take on a site that covered all of his interests and shared these with the world. This is not your typical run of the mill site; instead it will feature a more fun approach to writing and will attempt to give a more entertaining approach to articles. What Mad Person Made Game Tech Zero? The crazy so and so behind Game Tech Zero is Richard (from the UK). Richard, as mentioned above has worked with others on different websites in the past but has decided to join all of his interests into a site he can share with others. What better way to do that than create a snazzy website as most use that these days.

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