Breaking News: Games Released on Steam

So in what may come as a shock to some people, publishers have decided to launch more games on that piffling little platform that is the PC. Specifically, they have launched on the service/store known as Steam, by a company called Valve. Some estimates put sales on Steam as high as 100 per day which Game-Modo hardly believe considering the format, but Game-Modo let people live in their deluded fantasy lands. Here are the new releases on this dying format.

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UltimateMaster1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Breaking news, another day as gone by.

Why make an article saying that old games are coming to Steam?

PeaSFor1748d ago

Story Quality= WTF
Like Website=NO

this is a total waste of time and futile, whats next..."BREAKING NEWS! The PS4 will play PS4 game!!!!"

BaronVonRhett1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Because it is the only way to get people to look at their site.

ATi_Elite1748d ago

Why would you want games on Steam?

Wouldn't the moisture ruin the disc?


hiredhelp1748d ago

This just a heads up on new daily titles launched on steam nothin more.
Why the over the top headline i dont know.

JsonHenry1748d ago

I think the headline was sarcasm. Steam has another handful of games being released daily on their service.

Chris_Wray1748d ago

This it is, however it does seem the saying that sarcasm doesn't transmit fully over text still applies.

Still, if people want to complain I'm happy to let em! It is simply fluff, much like any sites roundup of recent releases.

dcj05241748d ago

BREAKING NEWS:The PS2 plays ps2 games.

KwietStorm1748d ago

Little more sarcasm next time. Trust me. Works wonders.

ninjahunter1748d ago

I want to say its a comedy piece, but it wasn't funny ._.

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