Wii U Firmware Update Landing This Week?

Looks like Emily Rogers has been busy tweeting some juicy Nintendo information again. Apparently the Wii U will be getting a firmware update on Monday or sometime this week.

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The_Truth_24_71698d ago

Be prepared to wait 8-10 hours for it to finish downloading.

Nevers0ft1698d ago

That was pretty much just a launch-day/week issue, updates are pretty much silky smooth nowadays.

Gemmol1698d ago

I did not have that, but for whoever did, God bless them with a lot of patience.....mines download in less then a hour

truechainz1698d ago

Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about.

deafdani1698d ago

I had a shitty 1 MB connection at Wii U's launch, and I downloaded the day 1 big update in about 2 or 3 hours.

Whatever, keep trolling, man.

PopRocks3591697d ago

Thing is my connection is pretty damn solid and the update took me about that much time. I honestly think it had more to do with about two or three million Wii U owners trying to download that patch at the same time and slowing each other down.

Nowadays I doubt it takes anyone more than half an hour. Doesn't stop people from lying and trolling though (in reference to "The_Truth" over there).

FinalomegaS1697d ago


You might be right, might be time to pay your ISP for a faster internet.

i'm running at 50 Mbps, I normally range 20 to 35 min. Maybe it all depends on the servers we are connected to?

PS: this is taking into consideration you have one and you've actually waited that long.

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TheEvilWithin1698d ago

I'm excited for the update. Wonder what there going to add to the Wii U online experience.