PS Vita TV: How Good Could Be Great

As part of the Game-Modo team, Travis is of the opinion that the PS Vita TV could stand to receive some improvements before making its way to the west. Do you have any suggestions before or if the PS Vita TV launches in the west?

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Sam Fisher1450d ago

Not without phantasy star i suppose

GdaTyler1450d ago

I hope this sells like hotcakes. It even sold out in Japan the first day it was available for preorder!

PoSTedUP1450d ago

it will without a doubt. $100 on the brand name PlayStation; that is all they need. cant wai for ps3 games to come to the vita through stream.

skydragoonity1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Sony seems to be making all the right moves now so i expect the ps vita tv to do ok.. If not great