Happy Easter From Sega Got Me Thinking

Sega have sent out a Happy Easter message featuring the brand new Sonic design from Sonic Boom and some rather big eggs that kind of look like they are from a Billy Hatcher game. Could this be a clue to a new Billy Hatcher game?

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SpiralTear1464d ago

As much as I'd like another Billy Hatcher game, I don't think this image had anything to do with that.

GameTechZero1464d ago

Most likely not. Hopeless optimism here man :(. I do hope we someday see a new Billy Hatcher or atleast a HD remake but I dont see that happening.

Slade231463d ago tell you the truth, I'm pretty sure it not a hint of a sequel. It's big because of the character sizes and plus if it was Billy Hatcher the egg would of look like an egg with a sonic logo on it. like this

but to me it's just colorized eggs that symbolizes the characters in sonic boom.