Getting back in the game.
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Just to let you know it was two different reviewers. There are going to be variations in scores an opinions.

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I tried extremely hard to avoid spoilers, the story is so well written I didn't want to give anything away.

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Actually I reviewed the retail version. I found a copy at Best Buy before Christmas and have been playing it since. The final retail US version has not been fixed, it has been in stores for two weeks now.

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If they claim it to be unplayable why did they give it an 8.2? Just curious as I found the PS3 version inferior, but certainly not unplayable.

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I played the game on both systems, but I spend so much more time on Xbox Live it seems to be my stand-in for online play. Outside of the PS3 bugs at launch the online performance felt the same for both games, I changed the wording to be more generic now.

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Yes that was a beautiful game, Russell finally completed some passes, though two interceptions is just unacceptable. Raider Nation!

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If it makes you feel better my second opinion column states 10/10.

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Hehe, no even if Batman was in it, the score would remain the same. I really enjoyed the game, it just grows repetitive after a few levels and never really ramps up. But as a portable action game it really is good.

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Actually the game is also on PC, which is always an argument for the fanboys when a good game comes out on Xbox 360. Funny how it is forgotten when a game sucks. Seriously a crappy game is a crappy game, all systems have them. Just because it is only on 360 console-wise doesn't mean squat. How about Ninjabread man on Wii, or Haze on PS3? Seriously people just enjoy the games you like and stop worrying about what the consoles you don't have are doing.

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If you read the review you will see that I talk about the combat being both simple and complex, as well as claiming it to be one of the most beautiful games of this generation. 8.8 is a great score, and it fits for a great game. You can disagree with my score, but not for reasons I did not dock the score for.

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You nailed that assessment right on the head. Now back to my douchebaggery.

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Cat, did you plagiarize my review?!?

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Sorry I meant to win, I try to forget the ones we lost :)

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I get a lot of stuff, but I usually get to review all the stuff no one else actually buys LOL this game was a lot of fun, and I enjoy playing stuff I wouldn't normally check out.

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Yeah, I am hoping I can carry my created team players over, since the podcast crew is all in there LOL.

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I am the same way, and you can totally play that way letting the computer do all your behind the scenes stuff automatically. That is the beauty is you can play it any way you want including difficulty. The sliders are excellent.

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Yeah can you tell I am nervous? How geeky is it that I was sitting next to a celebrity in the nerd world and I was nervous HA!

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No I totally see that, I just didn't want anyone thinking I was disrespecting the Wii version, it is really a lot of fun. I was reviewing it more from a Ghostbusters fan mentality. I really loved the movies, and seeing my favorite characters onscreen in full HD was sweet. Plus I loved the mechanics more on the 360/PS3 versions.

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I found it much more fun on the other consoles, which I also reviewed. No need to get bent out of shape because I liked the other ones better. You want me to respect your opinion right?

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I am the one in the NOFX shirt, and I only deleted your post because you asked me to.

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