Getting back in the game.
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We appreciate that, we find most of these negative comments pretty funny actually, so no worries :)

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He pays attention. This is the N4G Radio crew which consists of members of ZTGD and N4G.

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I think these comments are hilarious, people love to make themselves feel better on the internet by making fun of other people who are just like them. BTW we did not mention Agent because...well what was there to mention. They announced a game, no details nothing. Though we did forget Last Guardian which I have no idea how we did that.

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This game is certainly a love it or hate it affair. I talked with a few other reviewers and it was totally mixed. There seems to be no common ground. Personally I had a blast with the game, whereas someone else felt it was mediocre. All a matter of opinion, which is why multiple reviews and demos are good.

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Everyone will always claim that everyone is a fanboy, but I like to think we have a well-rounded group of gamers aboard. We all play everything for the most part, but we all do have our preferences so it tends to balance itself out.

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I tore through the game when it released and loved every minute of it, then went back and played more on Veteran. Then WaW came out and got sucked into that one as well even though I have grown tired of WWII shooters. Not everything said on the show comes from me. I was the first on the crew to finish CoD 4.

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I love CoD 4 and Halo so your logic fails.

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Trust me I made that same argument when people told me it sucked. I had a lot of fun with this game, but you know how the masses are :)

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I have been criticized for liking too many games. This week was an exception because most of what I played was garbage. Although I really enjoyed Halo Wars and Watchmen.

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There is technically a dodge move, but it is so finicky that most of the time it is worthless because of how fast paced the combat is.

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Sorry but the review belongs to Professor Chaos so perhaps he can answer your question. I agree the premise of the game is just ridiculous, but I am intrigued that it sounds like a pretty fun game outside of the license.

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We are the first site to review it (that I am aware of) and it certainly did not get a ten. :)

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That is a valid response and agreed there are weeks where the show feels more like a chore, but we really do love doing it, even it sometimes sounds like we don't. We are working on some ideas to bring some fun back to the show and we may also be doing more interaction with devs and publishers this year to liven up the formula.

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What would you like to see added. We are always looking for feedback, also thanks to Andronix, we are glad you are enjoying the show.

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That a ten is not a perfect score, that is why I purposely made the tag mean classic. Besides you gave Mass Effect a 10 and who would argue that had some faults? A ten does not mean the game is perfect, it simply means the game is a classic that will be remembered and talked about for years to come. I don't agree with his score, but that is why a review is still an opinion.

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This is seriously funny to me...bravo!

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I am quite familiar with the games, I have played all five of them including the remake on the PSP. I said the game was the best entry in the series. What more could you ask for? Seriously this game is incredibly fun if you are into it, but my comment was aimed at those who had never played Disgaea.

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How my review is based on one incident. Honestly I did look into your situation with several mods, and perhaps the reason why you didn't get an answer is because I hadn't gotten one yet either. There are hundreds of thousands of members and my PM box gets flooded on top of my other obligations. Sorry I cannot answer them all immediately.

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Seriously we take all criticism to heart and it's good to hear different opinions. We have tailored the show to the fans from the forums and I appreciate that you notice we try to stay away from the console wars, it is just a sore subject and there is enough of that one the web these days anyways.

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While I won't argue with your points, they are valid. Our show is mostly a group of friends chatting about games. That is why people enjoy the show. It isn't the same as everything else on the web and that is what we strive for. We appreciate the criticism and we will take it into consideration.

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