Getting back in the game.
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They are "online" modes so why does it matter if you have to unlock them online? I am not for some tactics of the online passes, but this one didn't bother me too much.

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I take it you didn't like the game? Honestly I didn't play it, it was all Drew talking about it.

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To be honest I agree, while I did not enjoy KZ2's campaign, I would have still scored it high. Mainly because the game was still quality in so many aspects that the one thing that I did not enjoy would not be the same as everyone else. It is hard sometimes to differentiate between opinion and being critical. Hands down KZ3 surpassed my expectations and I fell in love with it. All of this talk about reviews is really crazy nowadays, we are just gamers too :)

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If it was in HD I would have given it an 8.5.

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This site thinks games were invented in the year 2000. There are a ton of games a lot shorter than this on older consoles.

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Oh I know, I grew up tearing up SF2 and MK2 in the arcades. I have just lost touch with it since the glory of consoles. I got accustomed to a game pad.

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Yeah I am trying to retrain myself on using a fighting stick. It isn't working out like I had hoped LOL.

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Not my review :) Just my site, credit goes to Scorched Angel.

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You don't have to use it. As for the screens, you realize that changing outfits isn't that hard, what do you think happens when you trade a player in the game? The uniforms are just like costumes in fighting games.

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Yeah we discussed it at great length as three of us played it. I am loving it so far.

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No I totally agree, I hope it lasts longer. I went on a rant about it more on the podcast, because the online is really a lot of fun.

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Actually I am the admin at FilmWatch, not N4G, I have no control over these stories.

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Last I checked though, Amazon was not Microsoft, I personally think it is stupid if they do charge that much, but everyone assumes it is truth now when nothing has been announced. It just gets old seeing "professional" journalists posting speculation as truth.

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The fact that none of the pricing is confirmed for one, plus he states Move is $100 which is true, if you don't want the navigation controller. I could care less about either of them, but this is the kind of journalism that gets people arguing on this site. It gets hits based on fanboy wars.

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I hate misinformed journalism.

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The first game had this feature, how is this news??

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Because it is for both versions, the review is the same across both platforms.

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We did not have access to the 360 version so reviewing it would have been unfair, though we have heard like many others out there that the game is substantially better on PS3. That is the reason I added the editor's note.

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Yes I am fully aware that it is BS and that I suck. You are right I play games for no reason other than to ruin the dreams of RPG fanboys and screw with Metacritic. I am an evil person and your enlightenment has forced me to see the error of my ways. Oh thank you oh noble and kind sir.

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I am giving the 360 version a 4.5 and the PS3 a 4.0 just to screw up MetaCritic ;)

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