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"Getting back in the game."


Coming sometime in March from what I hear. #1.1
I appreciate your criticisms, and the fact that you didn't just throw things out without backup. While I agree that there is plenty here for people to enjoy, I got an extreme underwhelming feeling while playing the game. Nothing really stood out to me, and I played an abundance of SCIV right before this released.

That said I can totally see people enjoying the game, that I admit in the review. In fact several of my staff are adoring the game right now. Again this is just... #1.1
Oh come on, you know I played it :) but yes the game was fun, nothing revolutionary, but fun. #1.2
That is because I hadn't seen the original. I stated in the review this was the first I had used, and we got it because of its quality. Sure it is the same device with a packed-in cable, but this is the only one I have ever used to comparing it is certainly not something I was able to do. #1.1.2
Then why is it called a "beta"? Old build means old demo, beta means we are testing for fixes. #4.2.1
Call of Duty!!! They took urrrrr jobs! #4.1
News is a strong word considering the misleading headlines right? This is fun, try not to take it too seriously. And our site isn't run by thirteen year olds, we are actually the exception when it comes to that rule of being a game site ;) #6.1
This past week on XBLA and September 7th on PSN. #1.2
That is fine with us, I just think it is hilarious that people don't realize it is satire. Humor is subjective, not everyone will find it funny, but no one should take it seriously. #3.1.1
Six weeks in and still the sarcasm eludes. :) #3
It was not retail but it had all the Trophies and extras so basically what will be released in September. #1.1.4
Embargo ended this morning at 6am PST. We have actually had the game for a month to play through them. Surprised no one else posted theirs up this morning. #1.1.1
I love the internet! #7
They are "online" modes so why does it matter if you have to unlock them online? I am not for some tactics of the online passes, but this one didn't bother me too much. #2.1
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I take it you didn't like the game? Honestly I didn't play it, it was all Drew talking about it. #1.1
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To be honest I agree, while I did not enjoy KZ2's campaign, I would have still scored it high. Mainly because the game was still quality in so many aspects that the one thing that I did not enjoy would not be the same as everyone else. It is hard sometimes to differentiate between opinion and being critical. Hands down KZ3 surpassed my expectations and I fell in love with it. All of this talk about reviews is really crazy nowadays, we are just gamers too :) #7.1
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If it was in HD I would have given it an 8.5. #1.1
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This site thinks games were invented in the year 2000. There are a ton of games a lot shorter than this on older consoles. #38
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Oh I know, I grew up tearing up SF2 and MK2 in the arcades. I have just lost touch with it since the glory of consoles. I got accustomed to a game pad. #1.2.1
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Yeah I am trying to retrain myself on using a fighting stick. It isn't working out like I had hoped LOL. #1.1
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