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I agree. I think Dying Light so far is the best next gen game. Looks like Witcher 3 is gonna take that title tho. #1.3
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'Has anyone not considered that a developer could just continue to use the same engine as last gen or just have low quality assets to stay at 1080p 60fps if indeed they even really, really wanted that?'

Funny you should say that, there is a company doing just that. And the game is called Call of Duty. They release it every year as you know and it outsells all other games. its a shame really... #1.6.1
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Jakub is right.

But I really wish they made the consoles more expensive with hardware that can run all games at 1080p 60fps as a standard. I feel both Ms an Sony cheaped out on hardware to get that low low price.

If people can pay £500 for a smartphone I don't see anything wrong with consoles being near that price since you don't upgrade em for 6-7 years. At least then the hardware would be more capable of 1080p/60fps. #1
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.... I'm sorry but you must have been bad at other games to begin with for this to make you better.

I come from a generation of games where you had limited lives an in some no continues to try an beat the game such as Altered Beast. These were some hard ass games!

Games today are all casual in comparison with checkpoints an unlimited lives.

In the end it's really about having fun an enjoying games so with that said I cannot wait for... #3
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PS Now beta for me is perfectly fine (UK). I was pleasantly surprised how responsive it was an i wasn't getting any delays. Mind you I use my PS4 on wifi so its not hard wired.

I get about 12-23mb download, 4-9 mb upload on the ps4.

The game selection in the beta however is pretty piss poor so im not playin it at all now. Compared to the 100+ games on the PS now US store I would prefer to be testing God of War an Uncharted. #1.1
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I've been a primary PC gamer for years and trust me this is not a feature I've ever used or care about. Neither do any of my friends so I don't see the big deal here. #8.1
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No. This is Dice a proven dev at multiplayer games. Not ready at dawn who had only made psp ports up until the order.

But I agree with the 'sigh....' they need to stop with this bull and show gameplay.

I hate the Star Wars hype it's just way over the top. #1.1
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I just wanna play as Locke an have that armor. Master chief can burn!!! :P #1.2
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Lool talk about being a nitpick.

It looks fine. They just need to show gameplay!

Why do i have a feeling they will drop Star Wars vids on May 4th? :P

May the 4th be with you eh.... #1.1
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Not great news sounds like a whole lot of Filler. This is what worries me about dragon age inquisition. All the side quests are just filler no substance.

Looks like the trend will continue with Mass Effect 4 #1.2
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Red dead 2 hopefully and I know it will be using the same engine as gta 5.

Just imagine the heists in red dead train robbing an what have you.

Ahhhh mannnnn awesome!!!! #1.1
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Looool you just shown your lack of knowledge about the battlefront games you Johnny come lately.

This is the issue with a lot of gamers today new to the genre and no NOTHING about games but shout and complain.

Battlefront 2 did not have a singleplayer campaign and was a clone of Battlefield. So it was a multiplayer focused game. So you shouldn't have been expecting a singleplayer focus game at all. #6.2
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Yeah..... I'm pretty sure even if BF3/4 or CoD AW launched without a singleplayer they would still be played massively. Just as Destiny proved there's really no singleplayer offline campaign there. People still play it.

I for one had no expectations for a singleplayer campaign as I know what DICE specialise in.

And either way I wouldn't care for a Star Wars singleplayer where I had to play as a Trooper or any gun wielding guy over a force user.... #1.3
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What have you seen? There's been no gameplay. A inengine trailer means nothing. Don't reward them for being lazy.

I love dice but i ain't putting up a pre order when they've shown me nothing. #2.2
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Agreed I'm not pre ordering at all until I see a nice long lengthy gameplay vid. Like I have seen from the Witcher 3. Which I got pre ordered. #1.2
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Thank the HEAVENS!!!!!! :DDDDDDDD

I hate battlelog!

Now show me gameplay :) #1
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@Maul, No you're talking about a LEAKED gameplay footage of a CANCELLED game. That was not DICE nor did they make any of those promises.

Please provide a link proving me wrong.

Vehicle battles will be in this game on the surface obviously you wont be able to leave the atmosphere. Thats how Battlefield games are. Theres always vehicles, land, air and water. #3.1.2
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Who the hell is gonna put up a Pre-order when no gameplay has been shown??? lool its mind boggling!

I aint seen anything to warrant a pre-order yet...

Witcher 3 is the only game I got pre-ordered at the mo. And i saw 15 mins+ gameplay. #1.1
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Loool you thought there would be space battles? This ain't star fox.

You thought there would be a singleplayer? This is Dice they are a multiplayer focused dev. You had all the wrong ideas about this dev making this game.

It's actually your own fault for having those expectations.

I'm disappointed with the trailer for not showing gameplay. Not for anything you listed. #3.1
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I'm not pleased didn't see any actual gameplay with Jedi battles.

But I also see a lot of hypocrisy some people saying they're wary it's not gameplay but they were loving the deus ex cgi trailer not too long ago that showed 0 gameplay. #1.6
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