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I got this pre-ordered for my PC it was £25 on Amazon and GAME (UK).

I wanted to get it for PS4 but at the prices for next gen consoles (£49) its a rip off!!!

PC cheaper, better performance and visuals. #1.3
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They spent the whole ten minutes talking about how visually great the game is and the whole time spent on combat.

I was really hoping they would learn from dragon age 2 that those two things are not the most important aspect of an rpg.

They need to learn more from Witcher 3 and how they do their dev vids. They show cities the people in them and the type of stories like about that lil kid that lost his voice. Awesome stuff. #1.1
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You're talking about linear games compared to an Open World game.

I've got a ps4 but I'm not delusional the hardware of next gen consoles is not great enough to handle 1080p/60fps in Open World games.

You can try and find an open world graphical game that runs 1080p/60 on next gen. Couldn't even handle battlefield 4 which is just large maps with vehicles and a few buildings. It was 900p/60 on ps4 and 720p/60 on xbone #9.3
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This game is nothing like skyrim. i advise you try Witcher 2 before you get this friendly advice just so you don't end up being one of those people complaining about the game and the money you spent on it.

I played both and I didn't like Skyrim I prefer witcher. #7.1
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Sounds like a boring game mode.

Its like playing a regular shooter...oh wait why don't you just do that then? #8.1
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Well I have no server problems at all. And looking at all the people playing and Streaming, I'm guessing they don't either.

Clearly its a problem on your side mate. Talk to your Internet Provider. #7.3
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Loool if u think this game lacks content for a new IP loool you clearly are a lost soul and probably need a life.

It has Story campaign. Strike missions, free planet roaming. And it has pvp with several different game modes.

Plenty of gear and weapons to obtain.

For a new game this is magnificent. Have you played Titanfall or Watch dogs? Now those are games lacking content. Especially Titanfall and it's what 3 rifles in total? No real cam... #9.2
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Maybe some of us play it cause it's fun?

You clearly have no clue what you're talking about. Take off your rose tinted glasses. WoW vanilla I was there. It took ages to get things done. Now WoW allows you to achieve a lot more with your time out into the game.

Right now I'm not subbed cause im waiting for the expansion played beta and love the changes and the new content coming. Especially for pvp as that's what I'm into.

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Why does it suck? No one even knows what it was. Who cares.

They said it was not fun and I believe em. Blizzard are very good at what they do. So now their focus can go back into their current games and new future adventures. #1.6
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GTA 5 followed by red dead #1.1.5
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Hehe your username. What ever happened to the Sony NGP= Nintendo Got Pwned. I rmember when the Vita didnt have a name yet and was the NGP, the specs were announced and compared to the 3DS. Sony fans got hyped!

Now look at it. Vita is dying and the 3DS has done a fat poo all over it.

I got a PS4 and I like Sony exclusive games but im not a fanboy and stuck up Sony's ass lol.

ON topic. I've not tried this loot cave thnig, after seeing t... #3.1
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Youre a fool if you think Destiny is a disappointment. Most fun I'm having on a next gen console by far. Can't wait for gta 5 also. #6.1
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Loooool iphone 6 plus > all android phones. Sales prove it. Over 10 mil in a weekend. Name an Android phone that's done that.

I'll wait..... #4.2.1
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I'm sorry but Naughty dog are no where near Rockstar.

rockstar has so many different types of games and have proven themselves over the years.

Naughty dog only have Uncharted and The Last of us. Two very similar linear games. Let's see their hand at an open world game.

As it stands now I think the best devs are Rockstar and Blizzard entertainment. World of Warcraft, starcraft, diablo and hearthstone completely different games all exce... #5.1.1
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And deservedly so.

Was playing Destiny last night with 2 of my friends and couldnt understand how some people don't like this game.

I think alot of people bought the game not understanding MMO's/Loot fest games like Diablo/World of Warcraft.

GTA 5 is a no brainer, i had it on 360 completed the campaign enjoyed the multiplayer although I wanted heists to come....

Cant wait to play GTA online on the PS4. #1.1
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Hmmm not to throw a damper on the game, but I have concerns about scenery looking the same constantly and the combat looks quite repetitive

Is there new moves you can acquire and unlock? Not played any of the souls games yet but had a slight interest.

I wonder if the co-op will be full campaign co-op or just some fights cause thats a deal-breaker for me. I'd rather play this whole game co-operatively. #1.1.2
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Speak for yourself. Can't wait for GTA 5 ps4. #3.1.1
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You Sir, are an idiot. #5.4
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Agreed!!!!!! #4.1
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Yeah watch these same reviewers give Call of Duty advanced warfare 9/10.

Fuck reviews. That's why I'm enjoying the hell out of Destiny. I look forward to Destiny expansions also. #1.3
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