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Soap stop being a stupid fanboy.

PS NOW offering is TERRIBLE as it stands right now.

EA Access is a great deal at $30 for a year access to all next gen games fifa 14, BF4, UFC 2014 and Madden 25. And thats downloading an playin em not STREAMING old gen games.

I don't even own an xbox one. I got a PS4 and my PC rig.

But I can see the difference between a good deal and a shitty one.

I'm jus gonna enjoy... #5.2.5
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Completely bland i cant play that game anymore.

He has no character no personality nothing. #2.2
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They always do videos focusing on combat. We need to see some decisions and depth to choices you make. Show Cities/villages the people the interactive people. Witcher 2 knew how to make a gameplay Trailer!

I look forward to this but im worried they're making the same mistake as Dragon Age 2 focusing on combat only. #6
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LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL that made me spit out my drink

Bravo! #12.1
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I think Dinklage's voice is fitting for the AI Ghost which seems emotionless. I loved every minute of Alpha and Beta.

Cant wait for launch. Guardian edition on my PS4. #6.5
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The Halo Master Chief collection is the only game that makes me look at the Xbone. But Destiny will fulfil those Halo needs on my PS4.

Destiny beta has been so amazing i cant wait for release. Im addicted!!! Collectors edition INC! #1.2
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I'm sure they were aiming for a much higher number than that. The game is a failure in all companies eyes now.

The gameplay looked bad for a 2014 MMO they brought nothing to the table. Atleast Wildstar tried something different with the whole telegraph combat system. I'm sure Wildstar has far more subs than that. #1.1
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You do understand that your opinion has even Far less value than his?

And I'm pretty sure a lot more people know cliffy than the amount that know you.

Cliffy is right high end experience u need a high end PC. But that's not the only reason I have a beast of a rig. It's also to play fun games that don't work on consoles. Like World of Warcraft which has brought me years of joy amongst many other MMO's that have never come to consoles.
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Warlock all day bro.

I throw those Spirit bombs all day :D #3.3
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It's struggling to do 1080p I'm sorry but the x1 is a bad investment for a next gen console. #1.1.3
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I'm looking forward to getting this on my PS4. So glad i can copy my char from the 360.

I think it would come with some new DLC. #1
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Same. its not worth the price. I got my standard edition from GAME but they upgraded it to the Vanguard edition at no extra cost. It sure does pay to pre-order early :) #2.5
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Its being critised for that Right reasons. Gameplay is the most important aspect of a GAME. Its not a movie, where story and visiuals are the only important aspect of it.

This is 2014, we should be seeing Better gameplay not steps backwards which is all i see in the gameplay of The Order 1886. Infamous Second son was so much fun on my PS4 and to me thats the best PS4 exclusive this year, i dont think anything is topping that. The gameplay was fun as hell. #1.1.3
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Well alpha was amazing and it was only 6gb download. So I can't wait to play beta and see what's in store. #2.1
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Ewww pedo. she looks like a 10 year old. #2.1
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I got my beta code ready. Loved alpha. This is my most anticipated game for my PS4 this year. Then its GTA 5.

and its 17th July bro. #1.2
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And everything you listed for the Vita is what makes it fail. Games are the most important thing for a portable system. No one cares about graphics and hardware if they ain't got simple easy to play games that don't require too much time. It's a handheld it's not meant to be a console.

That's why mario kart smash bros an games like that is gonna make me buy a 3ds this year. I got my ps4 and I have no intentions of ever getting a vita. #1.3.1
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I loved every bit of the alpha and it was just a tiny section of the game. Can't wait for release.

Bungie did everything right with this title and it's everything I hoped for.

@matt, don't know what the hell ur on about. This game is nothing like CoD. As I played it I felt like I was playin a next gen version of Halo 3 which makes me so happy. #1.2
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Lol well I havent played PS2 on my PC, i have an excellent i7 rig.

Played Destiny alpha on my PS4 and it was fantastic! Its the next gen halo which is what i wanted from Bungie.

As for Planetside as its free i'd play it but thats if it launches before Destiny cause if it doesnt then oh well I won't be playin it once Destiny arrives. #4.3
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Although the PC is my main hub for games. I'll be getting this game firstly on my PS4 cause GTA is just fitting for consoles.

I'll get it on my PC when mods have been made *cross fingers for superman mod' most likely through Steam sales as i did with Max payne 3 for £2.99. #1.2
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