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Now this is a new low for the Sony fanboy community. Defending long load times. Wow.... Seriously.... If this was any other exclusive on a non-Sony platform you lot would be laughing an throwing insults at it.

I'm sorry i have to call ya'll out on this one.

I got PC (my primary gaming machine), PS4 (secondary) & X1 so try say im a PC Elitist. #1.3
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Could Bloodborne be anymore mainstream with nearly every gaming site fapping about the game?

You can't expect it to reach CoD levels as it's just not to everyone's taste. I certainly don't play the souls games. I'm sucked into Dying Light an Mass Effect 3 atm. #1.3
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Bloodborne is Dark Souls 3 even a blind man can see that. #1.1.2
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Destiny is still a hundred times better than The Order. Let that just sink in....

Before they respond with 'You don't have a PS4!' lemme just end your dream here, I'm currently playin GTA 5 on PS4, completed TLOU Remastered (First playthrough) & Infamous Second Son so far on my console. #1.3
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You probably shouldn't you could get arrested.. #2.1
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You do understand that in 2005 when the new consoles came out 360/PS3 they leaped ahead of PCs and was a real jump forward in gaming pcs had to catch up at the time an the answer to it was Crysis.

Unlike the ps4/X1 which have launched with dated hardware they have not leaped past PCs at all barely even gotten close that's why they're struggling to run all games at 1080p/60fps something pc gamers have been doing for a long time now. #1.2.4
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Looool that should be followed with 'Simples!!!' #1.1.2
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I don't quite get whats so special about suspend and resume? Do you not turn off your PS4?

Lemme try attempt to guess, is this feature to pause your game put your PS4 on standby then when you start it again you can continue the game?

I cant imagine it will continue a game after a Power off instead of standby. #14.1
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AAHH HELLL YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Just what I wanted. Getting this as soon as i get home!

Now we just need PS Now :( #1.3
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Looool Witcher 3, Halo 5, possibly Star Wars Battlefront all games capable of being the best game this year. #4.2
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No. I think Dying Light is the best game of the generation so far.

Clearly such a statement is subjective. #1.2
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No the order was simply just garbage. And here's an example The last of us is a linear game that doesn't have hundreds of hours of gameplay. But it story and immersion and gameplay completely shits all over The Order. In every way possible.

The order clearly went for Graphics over gameplay and that is a big no no. It deserves all the shit that was slung at it. Games are about Gameplay not just graphics. Graphics are meant to be a bonus not the core structure of what... #3.3
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I don't think there is anyone who is PC only. That would be stupid.

I own all 3. Granted I got my x1 for free but still I ain't missing out on last of us 2, God of war 4 or halo 5 for that matter. But right now Dying Light on my PC is kicking ass!!! And bring on Witcher 3! #6.1
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Lool I own a ps4 and a beast pc but have no intention of buying bloodborne oh no us pc players are so jelly...

For the record I still think The last of Us 2 is the game to wait for. And God of war 4.

And as far as next gen games go I think Dying Light is the best next gen game so far I don't think bloodborne is anywhere near close as good from gameplay alone.

But clearly it's about preference. Fanboys don't seem to understand that. #1.3.2
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I like your honesty sir. And yes everything you have said is true about the readers here. I notice a lot of attention on the attention seeking headlines but it's like anything news related.

Even when I read the likes of sky news its nothing but negative news which makes the headlines simply cause people want to see this and rarely care for positive news unless it involves a positive change to their finance/lifestyle in general. #17.2
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I'm very sure it wasnt Ultra PC setting they showed. I believe the last vid from Pax East was really to showcase how it would look on the next gen consoles so they are not disappointed when it comes out.

Definitely made it set in stone that I will never buy multiplats on consoles again, GTA 5 was the last one. PC is the best place to play all the games. I think the only console games ill be getting this year is Until Dawn (Ps4) and Halo 5 (x1). #2.2
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Yeah thats the plan, i got a mate who wants me to play it with him. Right now tho we are loving Dying light co-op. #1.1.1
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As soon as you said your on 8.1 your opinion went out of the window for me. I'm still on Win 7 cause 8.1 is a piece of crap that I would never use on my home PC.

Win 10 looks like a far better improvement and it's gone back to Desktop style Win 7. #6.3
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Agree ascension should be included. I won't be buying this remaster although it was a fantastic game I have no need to replay it.

I'm glad tho that ps now has ascension at least so I can complete it on there when it comes to the uk. That and infamous 2 & uncharted 2 all of which I've not played yet. #1.5
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Well, I've bought the Borderlands 2 game of the year edition. Soon to be my first time playing it. #1
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