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I'm looking forward to getting this on my PS4. So glad i can copy my char from the 360.

I think it would come with some new DLC. #1
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Same. its not worth the price. I got my standard edition from GAME but they upgraded it to the Vanguard edition at no extra cost. It sure does pay to pre-order early :) #2.5
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Its being critised for that Right reasons. Gameplay is the most important aspect of a GAME. Its not a movie, where story and visiuals are the only important aspect of it.

This is 2014, we should be seeing Better gameplay not steps backwards which is all i see in the gameplay of The Order 1886. Infamous Second son was so much fun on my PS4 and to me thats the best PS4 exclusive this year, i dont think anything is topping that. The gameplay was fun as hell. #1.1.3
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Well alpha was amazing and it was only 6gb download. So I can't wait to play beta and see what's in store. #2.1
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Ewww pedo. she looks like a 10 year old. #2.1
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I got my beta code ready. Loved alpha. This is my most anticipated game for my PS4 this year. Then its GTA 5.

and its 17th July bro. #1.2
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And everything you listed for the Vita is what makes it fail. Games are the most important thing for a portable system. No one cares about graphics and hardware if they ain't got simple easy to play games that don't require too much time. It's a handheld it's not meant to be a console.

That's why mario kart smash bros an games like that is gonna make me buy a 3ds this year. I got my ps4 and I have no intentions of ever getting a vita. #1.3.1
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I loved every bit of the alpha and it was just a tiny section of the game. Can't wait for release.

Bungie did everything right with this title and it's everything I hoped for.

@matt, don't know what the hell ur on about. This game is nothing like CoD. As I played it I felt like I was playin a next gen version of Halo 3 which makes me so happy. #1.2
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Lol well I havent played PS2 on my PC, i have an excellent i7 rig.

Played Destiny alpha on my PS4 and it was fantastic! Its the next gen halo which is what i wanted from Bungie.

As for Planetside as its free i'd play it but thats if it launches before Destiny cause if it doesnt then oh well I won't be playin it once Destiny arrives. #4.3
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Although the PC is my main hub for games. I'll be getting this game firstly on my PS4 cause GTA is just fitting for consoles.

I'll get it on my PC when mods have been made *cross fingers for superman mod' most likely through Steam sales as i did with Max payne 3 for £2.99. #1.2
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Agree. This game needs more game modes. It would get boring quickly. Kill the same monster how many times?

I love left 4 dead but I won't be gettin this. #4.3
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No it won't backfire. Cause we the consumers want these games on our new consoles. I've been waitin for GTA 5 to come to PC but now I'll get it on my ps4 because I feel it's better suited to console.

Also I'll get it on PC some day on a steam deal when the community have made some awesome mods. #5.1
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You cant pirate an MMO, you need to pass through their servers to play online with others. Its an ONLINE only game. #1.7.3
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Unfortunately Metal gear wont have an open world anywhere near GTA 5 but they are two entirely different games i dont know why Kojima worries so much. They're not in competition.

Of course next to every open world game GTA 5 makes em look bad. Compare Watch Dogs open world to GTA 5 lool. #1.1.6
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No thanks a 3rd person halo type game doesn't fit in this world.

It's good that it goes 3rd person only in the tower to show off gear.

Been playing alpha on my ps4 this game is so damn fun. And would be even more fun with friends. The artstyle an visuals are beautiful. Day one in Sept. I wish they had a collectors edition or deluxe. #1.1
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There's a good thing and a bad thing to grasp here.

An rpg taking long to complete while it's great if there's plenty of content but it can be annoying when a game feels like it will never end lol. Some stories don't need to be dragged out.

I couldn't get into Witcher 2 something about the combat. Witcher 3 looks great tho an ill play it on the ps4 instead of my PC this time. Again cause of the combat doesn't suit mouse an keyboard.... #1.1
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LOOOOOL So you think if a PC cant run this game at 1080p/60fps a PS4 will??? Hahahahahahah dont be so deluded. If the game is to come to PS4 it will most likely be stripped down aka lower the player count.

I got a PS4 for Infamous which i completed an loved. But i got a beast of a PC and the PS4 doesnt come close to running games at the same level.

I got BF4 on my PC and tried BF4 on my ps4 also (before trading the ps4 version in for some blu rays.) The PC ve... #5.3
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LOOOOOOOL Gotta love Ubi for this one. #1.1
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That's not correct summons75. There has never been any reveals of project Titan. No one has had any inside info or any screens there's been nothing at all. #6.1.3
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. #6.1.2
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