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Will suck donkey balls.

Who really wants to play their Gears of war or Crysis 2 with their hands floating in thin air???

Lets be realistic when you sit down to play games. You Sit to play it you dont wanna be standin all day waving your arms through the air like a retard. Motion controls offer diversityand thats it. They will not be the future of gaming I can tell you that right now for free. Patcher aint got sh1t on me lol

I for one am...

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I didn't know it was ex-staff from Blizzard. No wonder it reminds me so much of Diablo.

I can tell you right now that GW2 tops my list of MMO's to play next year. I just hope it doesn't suffer delays.

Thanks for the info, you been helpful I will watch that human walkthrough.

I'm actually interested in playing the Charr Warrior I actually wanted to play that before Gamescom released these gameplay videos and now its jus...

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'Modern Warfare 2 Player Attempting To Reach Level 70 Without Taking A Single Life, Other Than His Own'


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dey graffphix outside betta??!

wot is dis 'outside' you speak of sir...

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A Day one purchase for me. Bring on the collectors edition please.

Do you think Guild Wars 2 will release 2011? I'm beginning to doubt it seeing as 4 classes are un-announced.

I currently play WoW and will be playing Cata an Diablo 3 when released. I was waiting for The old republic but GW2 completely blew my mind away. Its got alot of Diablo in it from what i saw in the Charr Warrior vid (Whilrwind dual axe + health orb) and i absolutely love that.

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I really feel sorry for sad fanboys that stick to one platform and ignore the rest. They have no idea how stupid it is when you're a gamer.

Real gamers enjoy various games of any platform that suits them. I dont play games like Gran Turismo but i dont slate it, I can see how great it would be for those that like that type of game.

Some wouldnt get what some of us love about WoW or Diablo from just looking at it. But thats life everyones has their own...

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That made me laugh at my desk, i almost spit out all my hot chocs. You got my agreement. I dont know where all these disagrees are coming from so i assume its console fanboys.

I have all the consoles aswell as a crysis 2 ready gaming rig. I do agree that of all Blizz games Diablo is the only one that can do well in a console port but i dont really care if it happens or not.

Im looking forward to diablo 3 an Cataclysm which will hold me until D3. An the un...

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I have an Intel Quad core Q6600 with a 4870 Radeon card.

And I have all the consoles. I think i will still get this game on xbox 360. The reason: simply put Xbox Live. Its so perfect for this kind of title.

I bought bad company 2 on my pc most amazing graphics i've seen in a online multiplayer shooter to date. But i cant help but to feel the lack of life due to the lack of xbox live my friends list an headset convos even when not playin the same game....

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An more loooooooooooooool

On topic. This is great news! :)

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loooooooooool epic.

WoW is actually a great game looking forward to Cataclysm. Got my Paladin pvp vids, Type Darkade, also you can click my username on the tube an sub :)

Remember kids... live a full an healthy life an MMo is no excuse not to have a job, friends an a girlfriend. Going gym an training (Boxing myself) should also be a regular part of your life :)

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Im currently a WoW player (check my Ret paladin vids on youtube type Darkade)

I really thought The old republic was the one for next year now i couldnt give a crap about ToR.

Guild wars 2 warrior vid just blew me away the mechanics are nothing short of creative and intuitive. This is truly the next gen mmo it makes T.e.r.a look like a school kid in terms of next gen.

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Me and my friend was talknig about Blizzard franchises the other day and we both agreed there was only one that would suit the consoles and it was Diablo.

I have all the consoles as well as a nice gaming rig (Quad core Q6600)

An the thought of dungeon crawling with 4-5 other players whilst talking on the headset certainly excites me.

Off topic here, I currently play WoW and was waiting for the old republic til i saw the video yesterd...

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So much for the WoW killer...

Better luck next.....timeeee?.......oooh.. ...right.

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I think I have every right to play games I bought years ago on my phone. By law you own the rights to having that game no matter what platform you play it on.

And they say piracy is an issue, but i ask how many people actually use emulators to play game they haven't played before? ITs really for those who want to play games they had when they were young.

I pick up my snes, nes, genesis, gbc emulators on my iphone and play games like mario, sonic and k...

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Yes you quote one part of the sentence, but not the whole sentence. If i was a fanboy, I wouldnt be interested in the PSP Phone, But I am interested.

Its also funny how you had nothing to say back to what i wrote lol

Your just a turd.

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You sir, are a retard.

What would you know abou what games are meant to be played on? last i checked even my sky box has games on it to play. Its called 'options' its not a must its optional. You choose whether you want to play games on your phone or not. The majority of us choose to play on the phone when out and about.

Some of us actually think its boring to just sit their listening to music, Id rather be gaming on my phone than having a sepera...

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This is highly impressive.

I look forward to this, Sonic 4 and the new Gangstar game from gameloft.

They really help them waiting times at shops or when you got an appointment somewhere.

iPhone gaming is the sort of tech you want to have in your pocket if your out and about.

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Its not bad, nothing great. I noticed the lack of physics like trying to shoot certain things and nothing happening. If an open world game like red dead can pull off good realism. Then a more linear game should be able to to do it. No excuse.

I will get this when its bargain bucket, I wanted to get mafia 2 day one but seeing how halo reach is around the corner ill have to wait. Hopefully there is matchmaking in the co-op campaign this time. (its a deal breaker for me if it ...

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That graphics were not important. But these people place graphics above gameplay. And that is absolutely wrong. We all know Games are about Gameplay. When I compare Age of Conan to World of Warcraft these are two games of the same genre that proved my point. If graphics was the most important aspect then WoW would be dead in the water.

And no WoW wont look exactly the same in 5 years cause i played wow from day one 5 years ago an it has improved alot visually since then. Bu...

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"There's no question that gaming on the Android platform has heretofore been relatively underwhelming" - morons, android is the fastest growing mobile device OS with biggest market share in the world. And it only 2 years old.

What they said is correct. You obviously cant read too well. Gaming on the android has been terrible compared to the iPhone. GTA chinatown wars, Sonic 4 etc all these titles for Apple but where is the androi...

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