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@MrCherry, Sorry bro Fallout 4 is definitely not coming out this year. it will be announced at E3 but its most certainly a 2016 game.

Very rarely do E3 announced games release that same year. Just expect that all AAA games that are announced for the first time this E3 will be coming 2016 earliest.

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Noooo we wasnt readyyyyyy.... :(

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Its my most anticipated game of this year by far and I think its going to be the Best game this year.

I cant see anything else touching this game. And I thought Dying Light was a fantastic start to the year.

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Yeah the same DICE that brought us Bad Company 2, Battlefield 1-3. Stfu and stop focusing on one buggy launch.

Although i didn't experience any issues with bf4 on my PC. Guess I was one of the few lucky ones eh?

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Nope I got bf4 day one on pc had no issues whatsoever so I don't know where this crowd of hate come from.

They say it's the small group of people that have bad experiences that scream the loudest. I was busy enjoying the game. I'll admit I thought bf4 was rushed out after bf3 cause I was still enjoying bf3.

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So close to Witcher? Bad idea. I won't be touching this dlc when Witcher lands.

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I'll never understand why someone would focus so much on realism in games.

Just imagine GTA having to refuel your car after some miles of driving lol. It becomes a CHORE just not what gaming is about.

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Same I jumped on the beta felt lost no tutorial or anything.

I felt the analog sensitivity was also off an yes you can change it but never experienced that in a shooter before.

The visuals I have to say looked terrible I put down the beta after 15 mins I won't be playing the game at all.

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Well just picture GTA 5's world and Superman doing missions around the map hearing people in danger with different situations. Bank robbers, car fallen into a ravine. Someone's child drowning. all these things i can picture in a Rockstar made open world cause GTA 5 open world is

The limit will have to be that Superman cant breathe in space so cannot fly out of the atmosphere. Also the super villains will have to be powerful and some bank robbers say...

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This game is so full of win I just can't wait. Recently completed dishonored had to get that out the way. I'm going to try finish mass effect 3 before this launches.

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Rainbow six siege looks dated to me and appears to be aiming for the counter strike audience.

I can't see myself buying another ubisoft game after watch dogs I don't see anything worth getting from their catalogue.

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I saw the more recent gameplay vids and seeing numbers popping up when your shooting a person doesn't look right.

I don't see this game doing well in the long run. I reckon it will be a major flop. Destiny will probably still have more players than the division will have one year after the release of the division.

That's my prediction anyway.

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Haha write a letter of resignation to work also.

/start playing Witcher 3
/life complete

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I seriously can't wait! This and halo 5 are my most anticipated games this year.

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Hahaha and I will be honoured to dismantle you with my lightsaber 😊

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I've only played uncharted 1 so I would get the trilogy to try out 2 more importantly as everyone rates that one as the best.

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The game looks sick? What the hell? They showed absolutely NO GAMEPLAY. How can it look sick?

You guys still sold on CGI trailers? Jheez i thought kids had outgrown that.

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Although I'm not buying this on my PC at release cause I got it on ps4. There will not be long load times on pc as rigs are built with way faster hard drives than what the consoles have.

The load times on the consoles is why I'll be making the permanent switch to pc for my gta needs.

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same here, I haven't completed Witcher 1 or 2. with Witcher 2 I didnt like the combat, which I've heard alot of complaints about. Looks vastly improved in Witcher 3 far more fluid.

So I'll be jumping straight to Witcher 3, its by far my most anticipated game this half of the year.

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