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Looooool that is hilarious can't lie. I enjoyed Destiny tho. But the halo 5 beta was great can't wait.

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Ahh then you haven't played Tenchu 1 on playstation. Best stealth assassin game ever!! :)

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Wrong. You are incredibly misinformed. In Diablo you could get the best gear and weps from the auction house. Where as in WoW the best gear can Only be attained from doing Raids or Arena pvp which is completely different.

This is nothing like Diablo not even a close comparison. At least know what you're talking about when you make half assed statements.

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Still no release date for PS Now in the UK? Cmon!!

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Pfft. The only solid 9 game so far this year is Dying Light.

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Agreed. This game after left 4 dead is definitely one of the best zombie games ever.

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So you could do dirty things to em? Lol tsk tsk

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At least somebody has sense and isn't living in fantasy land.

It's like these fanboys seriously think the ps4 can render anything at 60fps Lool delusional is an understatement. this coming from someone that has a ps4.

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So this is the guy I have to blame for my respiratory problems blowing into my NES cartridges!!

Loool I kid, I kid :)

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Here's your problem, your forgetting that this is a GAME. No harm came to him or his real life bank account or actual property. He lost Virtual characters and items that have NO REAL VALUE. All the while trying to obtain better virtual goods via using a cheat.

You talk about the loot cave? But I for one never used it, and anyone who got banned using loot cave exploit deserves their ban. I enjoyed playing Crucible got all my gear from there then m...

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Well said. I bought shadow of mordor on my pc £25 which I think is a great price for the game. And I have a ps4 but refuse to be conned.

Mind you my pc is a beast. So there's that too.

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Loooool probably the funniest video ever!

The kid was trying to cheat in an online only game so yeah he deserved to get taught that lesson.

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I won't be buying this game until it's probably bargain bucket cause it feels like a mod of BF4.

But Battlefront will be day one! Dice have yet to make a shit multiplayer game. Even tho people had issues with bf4 I never had any an enjoyed it. Tho I think it was rushed out after BF3.

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What's so good about the heavy ammo synth? Am I missing something? You can buy it from the regular wep vendor.

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I noticed you didn't even mention gameplay the most important factor of a Game. And that's the problem with fans of the order an some terrible games in this new gen.

Gameplay needs to come first not be an after thought.

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Obviously. Graphics should never be your priority when making a GAME. Save that for the movies.

Gameplay is the most important aspect and I saw from looooong ago that they weren't heading in that direction.

I could never back a game that is Graphics>Gameplay. See if you're going to make a cover based shooter with a story. Make sure you got SOLID gameplay first, like Gears of War 1.

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This looked nothing like or close to Gears. Gears 1 gameplay blew this out the park even from preview gameplay vids.

Its why i bought a 360 just before Gears 1 was released.

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They created ports of a well established franchise by Sony Santa Monica. And GoW 3 by SSM is the best in the franchise.

Making a port is far easier than building a new IP with your own ideas.

And this is what happens when you don't have that kind of talent...

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IGN gave a 9 to Evolve. Soo... No they're not holding onto it.

People can check my comment history i've been saying for ages The Order is a graphics over gameplay type game and it would fail.

No surprise here.

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If one man can solo hard mode crota then I really don't see why they can't add matchmaking to the raids.

I can't be asked to gather 5 additional players so it just stops me playing altogether. Currently playing mass effect 2 on my pc for the first time having fun with it.

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