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Lool who uses words like 'satisfying' to describe shooting mechanics? Lool sounds like you're trying hard desperately to support the generic gameplay the game has.

Glad I'm not a blind fanboy of Sony I don't waste my money on stuff like this. I'll wait for God of War 4.

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Nope still waiting for it.

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Steaming will never be the future of gaming. It will always be an optional service like Netflix an spotify.

There's so much money in retail hard copies that's why they won't let digital copies be cheaper. The retail stores like GameStop an what have you will never let gaming become full streaming only.

Some people are very delusional about the future. Hard copy games will always exist the same way movies will always be available on either dvd or...

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The article title contains the two things I feel the game needed in the first place.

Campaign (a Real one)
MORE GUNS!!!! (I cant repeat this enough)

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This article is immediate fail. Knights of the old republic remains the BEST ever star wars game hands down.

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To put it simply GTA Heists f*****g owns! And thats just on top of an amazing open world filled with many other things you can do...

Why would anyone pickup Payday over GTA? I'd be scratching my head for a long time if someone I knew had done that..

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This is the problem, you assume the difficulty is why people like me are not interested in this game. The Gameplay is NOT appealing to me AT ALL. Its not new or innovative nor does it look 'fun' - It looks stale and repetitive if I'm honest.

I'm looking forward to Witcher 3, now that shows Gameplay which looks fun and far more interesting as an RPG to me.

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Sir, please take your dated concepts and your 30 fps console elsewhere, thank you.

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Indeed *Cheer* *Raw*

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No son, you're wrong. This game and all the Soul series games are like Marmite.

Yes, most people won't like it. I certainly don't and have no interest in trying it either.

That doesn't make someone a 'little boy' or a 'casual' cause they don't like the gameplay presented to them. Right now for me Dying Light is the best next gen game hands down!

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The headline should read 18:30 or 6:30pm and not how it's currently displayed.

Something was bothering my brain when I read the time on the headline lol do I have OCD? Lol

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Lately I've been wondering about the load times, I think its ridiculous that it takes longer to load on my PS4 than on the 360.

So much for 'next gen' consoles...

I'm wondering whether the load times are far shorter on PC then I may make the switch permanently to PC for GTA 5.

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PC it is! I was gonna get it on my ps4 but after seeing the x1 gameplay I'm definitely sticking to my PC.

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To be honest once they announce raid matchmaking I'll be back in a flash!

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So true. There should be a comment of the year award on here. I'd vote this comment.

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What Arkardo said.

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No, the problem is the game really has nothing to offer but a single game mode and tries to sell you on that with sugar coating at a full AAA price + DLC.

Before I even knew of any DLC i knew i wouldnt buy the game as its just a Single game mode at the very core of it. 4v1? Even free to play games offer more than that.

I played this type of game mode in Alien vs Predator its called Predator hunter so its nothing new or innovative to me.


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Now this is a new low for the Sony fanboy community. Defending long load times. Wow.... Seriously.... If this was any other exclusive on a non-Sony platform you lot would be laughing an throwing insults at it.

I'm sorry i have to call ya'll out on this one.

I got PC (my primary gaming machine), PS4 (secondary) & X1 so try say im a PC Elitist.

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Could Bloodborne be anymore mainstream with nearly every gaming site fapping about the game?

You can't expect it to reach CoD levels as it's just not to everyone's taste. I certainly don't play the souls games. I'm sucked into Dying Light an Mass Effect 3 atm.

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Bloodborne is Dark Souls 3 even a blind man can see that.

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