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If you understand the formating of the icons Valve chose on the page, you might figure they mean this:

O is the Operating System.
[O ] is the Hardware.
[O+O] is the Operating Software in its Hardware interacting with another piece of software, which means we could see a game due to be released on Steam interacting with the OS.

You really think they're just going to announce the OS and then show us nothing on how it works?

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Um... bit late for that... Over 13 million copies sold within the first few days... um... yeah... sorry...

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Its the fact they said it would generate that much within a month rather than a week or a few days. Proves how much they suck at predicting.

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Considering analysts predicted $1Billion in 1st month, this tells us something:

a) Analysts cant predict crap if they couldn't predict this correctly
b) Around 11 Million copies sold in the first day. ROUGHLY.

Oh man. GTAOnline servers are gonna burn :P

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still one in the town I live.

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In the UK, yes.

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The music of the gaming universe

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The fifa 09 demo is out today? Really thought that came out 5 years ago... Wait that was Fifa 04...

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This is a request. Not a demand.

Though I'm sure retailers such as ShopTo will probably start shipping them very late in the day on the 16th (which USUALLY means small parcels like this wont get to a person till 2 days later) or very very early on the 17th to meet with their release date promise.

I don't know how they work but yeah.

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Unless, you know, it's a game like Dead Space 3.

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Wish people would stop saying that.

NOT EVERYONE wants to give a game a poor score and go "Yknow what. I'm sure we'll generate a lot of good attention from this game. It will in no way affect our relationship with our readers."

SOME DO. But not everyone.

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Does this mean that once you've installed it, you can just trade it in for someone else to just download and trade it in for someone else... - and the chain continues?

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So because it removes optional features, that suddenly makes it better? :/

Online is optional. You can have it offline if you wish.

Kinect is an option, but not required.

The X360 version is smaller and you're only gonna be able to make Zoo's half the size as XB1.

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said Mr Meerkat

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Hmmm... this is... something :/

I mean sure, the Xbox One would show how much powerful it is to the Xbox 360 but even so... do things really have to be so limited? Especially since we have seen some Xbox 360/PS3 games with A LOT to see in them in one FOV shot.

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@vishmarx then you've just missed out on making money cause You could of picked up that XB1 and sold it right away.

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"awards points to players for killing people."

see, I'm just wondering... DOES GTA IV ACTUALLY DO THIS?

Because I've played some of it and I've never received points for doing bad stuff. I've earned money but that's only when I pick it up, and money isn't really "points"

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See this is Sony:

"Like some other company did" - not naming and shaming, just hinting.
"I want it to be like Sony... BWAAHAHAHAHA" - direct naming.

Not cool o.O

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By last, I mean between the US and EU.

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Why does the EU get everything last? :(

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