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From the sounds of it, I think it looks like they want to make Borderlands 3, but just for the sake of there being a third. I dont want a third if its just gonna be a "filled to the brim with stuff that just doesnt feel borderlands" if thats not what they'd end up going with.

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You know nothing, Wind Blow.

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My PS4 was having a moment earlier. It wouldnt load any online features and couldnt decide whether it was connected or not. I mean it looked "connected" but nothing loaded o.O

Prayed it wasnt my PS4 going down the pooper but thankfully no =]

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At first I thought: BUT HOW CAN YOU FIT ALL THAT IN ONE LEVEL? Surely you'd go over your limit?

But then I'm guessing they literally erased the world and made their own...

Just.... Wow.

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Ubisoft's was the worst though :l

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"Quantum Break was recently delayed until 2015"

correction. They never did set a date at all until just recently. There was no delay about it.

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" As big as Dragon Age: Origins " or "As big as Dragon Age Origins' ".

The ' makes all the different. Either each level is as big as a level was in Origins OR each level is as big as all the levels combined from Origins.

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Wii U has been out longer.

PS4 and Xbox One both generated a lot of sales in half the time its taken Nintendo.


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It's an alpha. The game is due to be out within 4 months. I'm pretty sure they crammed all they can into their alpha, and if its underwhelming now, I get the feeling it still will be.

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Many people aren't liking the fact that the game is very underwhelming. I'm sorry but it is. I expected better.

I was also thinking to myself: WOAH. Peter Dinklage in Destiny? He'll help me through it... nope. He was very bland. He's better in GoT. Way better.

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From what I've played of the Alpha, I highly doubt it. Well... it might do. But people won't like what they play ;l

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" the story in the first 2 games about humanity’s struggle against an impossible enemy has already been played out to death, and brought back more times than Master Chief himself."

Thats funny cause I actually struggled to get my hands on a copy of Halo 2 for original Xbox because they dont come cheap.

I've not played Halo 2 to death; this collection will allow me so. Just because YOU have played the halo games to death, many havent, such as me....

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Here's a comment.


not sure what else I can say really.


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Really hope they dont JUST show Battlefront for their Star Wars stuff. Pretty sure EA said they had 3 SW games in development (with SWTOR expack as a 4th)

If they could show us a second of their star wars games too, i'll be happy.

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Woah. This topic got hot REAL fast... unless its been reposted.

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Just cause you work/worked for a rival company does not stop mutual friendships.

Yes, it's a business war. But the people in the war have their own minds.

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Soooooo remakes or sequels?

Also somebody forgot a Pokemon console game.

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Its more fun to watch it live.

Also, I don't exactly want to wake up and before I've even found the stream I see all these huge announcements.

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Aaaaand what if they said "not until THE END of 2015? That's still over a year wait.

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YES! Cannot wait.

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