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Wii U has been out longer.

PS4 and Xbox One both generated a lot of sales in half the time its taken Nintendo.


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It's an alpha. The game is due to be out within 4 months. I'm pretty sure they crammed all they can into their alpha, and if its underwhelming now, I get the feeling it still will be.

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Many people aren't liking the fact that the game is very underwhelming. I'm sorry but it is. I expected better.

I was also thinking to myself: WOAH. Peter Dinklage in Destiny? He'll help me through it... nope. He was very bland. He's better in GoT. Way better.

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From what I've played of the Alpha, I highly doubt it. Well... it might do. But people won't like what they play ;l

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" the story in the first 2 games about humanity’s struggle against an impossible enemy has already been played out to death, and brought back more times than Master Chief himself."

Thats funny cause I actually struggled to get my hands on a copy of Halo 2 for original Xbox because they dont come cheap.

I've not played Halo 2 to death; this collection will allow me so. Just because YOU have played the halo games to death, many havent, such as me....

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Here's a comment.


not sure what else I can say really.


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Really hope they dont JUST show Battlefront for their Star Wars stuff. Pretty sure EA said they had 3 SW games in development (with SWTOR expack as a 4th)

If they could show us a second of their star wars games too, i'll be happy.

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Woah. This topic got hot REAL fast... unless its been reposted.

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Just cause you work/worked for a rival company does not stop mutual friendships.

Yes, it's a business war. But the people in the war have their own minds.

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Soooooo remakes or sequels?

Also somebody forgot a Pokemon console game.

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Its more fun to watch it live.

Also, I don't exactly want to wake up and before I've even found the stream I see all these huge announcements.

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Aaaaand what if they said "not until THE END of 2015? That's still over a year wait.

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YES! Cannot wait.

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Its Chicago, what can you expect?

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So by that logic, being able to hack into something in a video game must mean I can hack into anything else easily without consequence.

Good to know -_-'

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They're trying to make it HD but still anime style.

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Many people requested it be removed from the bundle.

MS did so.

Thanks for that maybe?

I know it doesn't justify their screw ups but at least they did it.

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I know it's for the US but I actually tried to do this from my UK phone...

what I got... was spam to porn which would cost me £5 on my phone bill to access :/


So word of advice: if you're from the UK... yes... get your american friend to do it :P

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Wait what?

This is the way I see it.

When Microsoft packaged Kinect, everyone was like: TAKE IT OUT. IT CAN RUN WITHOUT IT. WHY SHOULD WE HAVE TO BUY AN XBOX ONE WITH KINECT?


A simple thank you might of sufficed?

I just... what were they supposed to do? Leave Ki...

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Yeah, I have no doubt that was "in game footage" but again, not actual gameplay :P

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