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Haven't read the article yet, but did someone forget to tell this person that Star Wars 1313 was cancelled?

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I'd love to know what you mean by "Preachy" Jim.

If you're referring to the violence, betrayal, murder, and character development, then it can preach away.

If you're referring to DAT KISS....

Then get out.

Because preaching would be Ellie shouting "I'M GAY. IM KISSING THIS GIRL! LOOK AT ME! IM KISSING THIS GIRL"

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Did you even watch the video?

You say you seem similarities but if you'd watched it fully, you'd notice it's almost a carbon copy... heck EVEN SOME OF THE SHOTS THEY USED ARE SIMILAR.

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And that's JUST twitch.

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If it were the opposite and he was saying "Xbox players are dwindling on N4G" people would go:

"Yup. Makes perfect sense!"

I've been on N4G for a good 8 years and I've noticed the massive amount of Sony "fanboys" all this time.

It's always been there whether you deny it or not. Years ago it actually reached toxic levels. Not so much now but it did.

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Ffs I don't want "Pokemon-like" for crying out loud.

Hate these sorts of games as they're way worse than they are shown


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Not to burst anyones bubble, but news EXACTLY like this happened years ago for the first red dead redemption.

And we still waiting.

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The worst is the 15th.

You've got to run to the side, make sure he stomps his foot on the correct spot so the ground can lift, then you climb up, then you have to wait for him to hit the area you're in so platforms fall from the ceiling, THEN climb up those, THEN go to a bridge, WAIT FOR HIM TO HIT THOSE and then you eventually jump on him. If you fall off, YOU DO THIS ALMOST ALL OVER AGAIN.

And then you succeed in destroying the head insignia. So...

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Erm... at the time it was released, it was an absolute masterpiece. These days, well no. It's pretty bad now. But you can't just say something isn't great because of the year. You've got to think of it back in its time.

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I'm going to say no.....

....probably because Rockstar will find some way to delay it to 2019 :P

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The way it feels like it's being portrayed here is that coming out is nothing more than a publicity stunt in the business...

A lot of sports personalities, when they come out, are hounded by people because people are a holes.

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There's no need to be rude about it :/

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I love the game, dont get me wrong, and it deserves the sales it has. But it is by no means a masterpiece like many are saying. Its a 9/10 game.

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Not that I'm defending AC, but if this is the "Origins" of Assassins.... surely they make up the rules first hand? So when these guys say they "forget what it means".... yeah they're gonna be creating the "means" of an assassin (which of course gets changed throughout the years).

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Guys, this game has nothing to do with the TV series and everything to do with the game series that was made BEFORE the TV series.

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Somebody forgot to tell the author a tv series is being made...

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That's.... a bit much....

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I just, again, want to remind everybody that the TV series is Netflix's own take on the book series, NOT the video game series, so the chances of seeing Geralt in the series are very VERY VERY slim. Maybe Netflix will reach out to CD Projeckt as they're not even involved in the TV series and ask them for licensing to the character, but if that's the case he may even just be a minor character and not the main protagonist.

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You realise Palitera this game isn't coming out until near enough the end of 2018.... literally a whole year and a half left in its development and already it's looking pretty solid.

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You say that, but have you read any of the early impressions?

People say it's good, but a bit messy, so if thats the basis you're going on, I would then say it's more high 7's low 8's.

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