Cough. Sorry. My voice box is ill.


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Had my password reset by someone/thing last night and couldn't reset my password or log in after that... think this might have been part of it?

Managed to resolve it this morning though.

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Friends? Is that some sort of food?

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Pikachu =]

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It REALLY does not matter what platform people play it on as long as they have fun.

The slightest difference in graphics is complete bulls**t. It doesn't matter because people aren't going to be going: "OOOOH Look at that texture popping" cause the thing they'll be popping is heads -_-'

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Beyond lost sales because it was a movie that had little to no proper interaction, and they lied about our choices mattering.

The Last of Us losing sales? PFFT as if it did.

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That's retirement.

Phil Fish just gave up because it was too much for him to handle. Retirement is a legit way of getting out of things because you've done your time in the world.

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Dunno if I like this...

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Somebody who deserves the money is someone who is willing to continue to use their talent.

Phil Fish is not. He's given up. Waste of talent.

If he were to come back, maybe I'd think differently.

The game industry has been the way it has been for years. It ain't going to change. He should have put more thought into going into the industry.

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Oh dear... Spyro isn't being done by Sony anymore...

we must take all the PS1 classics of Spyro off the PSN store.

All THQ games must also be taken off their stores because they are also no longer published by THQ but someone else.


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Something tells me a lot of these comments didn't actually read the article...

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What are you trying to prove?

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You know what I meant...

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You realise, despite using an ad blocker, YouTubers will still get money?

It's done by total views over all the videos on monetized videos. You still go on a monetized video, ad blocked or not, and you still count as a view.

Thanks for your 0.01p =]

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Because they could have done something so much better for charity instead...

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I'll see you 30TBs later =]

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I'm thankful for my bosses for not firing me for all the times I do dumb crap at my work :P

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Yeah. So do players. 5 years after the PS3, people were like: WE WANT NEXT GEN!!!!

Only inevitable it'll be the case here too.

And this was before the PS3/Xbox 360 showed us GTAV and The Last of Us.

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So... like buying a season of a television show on DVD/Blu-Ray then, plus you get a game too...

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Yet Heavy Rain's part movie part game picturesque didn't bother anyone?

Same with Uncharted. People said that was more cinematic movie than game, even though I felt it was more game :/

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Hmmm... 1 million consoles sold per console......

yep. People aren't rushing into it alright...

Cmon man. You can't say 1 game will slow down the sales of next-gen consoles -_-'

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