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Now you're just being silly.

You pay to buy card packs, yes, but that's just like any card game in the real world...

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It says that the only thing that carries over is the special card you get for using the store... :/

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It's really good, but then problem is, I don't want to invest too much time in the beta because my progress will only be wiped when it releases...

and yet I still keep playing :(

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I'm guessing those 9 games are the tags...

well... thanks for letting me know.

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The Lego Movie Videogame anybody?

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I thought I came home from a 10 hour shift... ate a McDonalds... and browsed the internet.

Guess I thought wrong...

The last time I actually played a shooter would probably be Ghosts... in december... for about an hour... then I got bored...

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OK... so?

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They required the license recently yes, but EA have been known to make Star Wars games, so perhaps they managed to get Visceral to start a game a year or 2 before the licence was obtained.

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Probably their Star Wars game maybe to be revealed at E3.

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Its like Free-to-play games...

the base of it is free, but to actually make high quality stuff, you have to pay for the stuff. Its like, say with GameMaker. To actually export to other platforms than PC, you got to buy the other parts of the engine.

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Let's not make a post about this so people who actually want these types of jobs DONT SEE THEM.

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The salary offered is like my dream salary.

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5 Billion of it was probably on "free-to-play" games too...

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No mention of Quantum Break anywhere...


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Because not all EA games are bad?

It's not always EA who f**ks up the games you know.

The developers are to blame if they suck too.

They are also to blame if they do rock.

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Had my password reset by someone/thing last night and couldn't reset my password or log in after that... think this might have been part of it?

Managed to resolve it this morning though.

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Friends? Is that some sort of food?

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Pikachu =]

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It REALLY does not matter what platform people play it on as long as they have fun.

The slightest difference in graphics is complete bulls**t. It doesn't matter because people aren't going to be going: "OOOOH Look at that texture popping" cause the thing they'll be popping is heads -_-'

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Beyond lost sales because it was a movie that had little to no proper interaction, and they lied about our choices mattering.

The Last of Us losing sales? PFFT as if it did.

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