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Yeah. So do players. 5 years after the PS3, people were like: WE WANT NEXT GEN!!!!

Only inevitable it'll be the case here too.

And this was before the PS3/Xbox 360 showed us GTAV and The Last of Us.

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So... like buying a season of a television show on DVD/Blu-Ray then, plus you get a game too...

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Yet Heavy Rain's part movie part game picturesque didn't bother anyone?

Same with Uncharted. People said that was more cinematic movie than game, even though I felt it was more game :/

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Hmmm... 1 million consoles sold per console......

yep. People aren't rushing into it alright...

Cmon man. You can't say 1 game will slow down the sales of next-gen consoles -_-'

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They are.

Step 1: Buy a McDonalds... many times
Step 2: Eventually win an Xbox One (after the 100th McDonalds)
Step 3: Buy fitness/dance games for Xbox One

See... they are... as long as they get some sort of money...

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"He even used the example that grandma would..."

Am I the only one wondering why it says Grandma on N4G and Mom on the site?

:/ Was grandma too offensive? lol

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So take your time with this one then. Don't release it 2014. Wait a year. It's not like it'll be HUGELY missed. It'll be missed, but we got pleanty of other stuff to play whilst we wait.

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You obviously misread that situation.

Microsoft banned A GUY for leaking a bunch of Xbox One stuff from a console he got early.

Logging in early won't get you banned. After all sites have got to do reviews, so why would Microsoft give them review consoles, let them log on and the ban them for doing just that?

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Saw IGN's 25 minute video and from that it looked awesome.

Convinced me to play DR2 which I bought on Steam in a sale =]

Not a bad game. DR3 looks like a step up though. DR2 feels clunky :/

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How is it a disgrace? It's called an exclusive for a reason.

When Xbox users ask for a Playstation game, people look at them and laugh, but when it's the other way around, suddenly it's the end of the world?

Come on. If you don't want it on Xbox One, just get the PC release. And if you haven't got a good enough PC... ok then you are screwed.

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Tesco's prices: brilliant.
Tesco's delivery: not so much.

That's the only faulter of them. Most times I've preordered from them I don't get what I want on release day.

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And this is what is wrong with gaming.

It's like people who buy CoD for Zombies.


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"Steven Gerrard stars in ad for new games console"

PFFFFFT Zachary Quinto mate.

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If they're gonna say it's exclusive, just put "Exclusive" or something on the box.

No need to put the name twice :/

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Um... Mortdecai?

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Kinda proves no one takes CoD seriously anymore.

The publishers/PR team can even see that :/

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wait, what? :/

To balance things out, you realise I own a 360 and I'm getting the Xbox One also right? :/

Just cause I hate on them doesnt mean I wont buy their products.

We all do that about Apple.

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I went from the Watch Dogs Bundle at £389 to the Gamer Bundle (Killzone Shadow Fall, 2 Controllers and the Camera) for £429. Only an extra £30 for an extra controller and a camera! =] Something I'm sure Microsoft would charge for double price.

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Grand Theft Auto doesn't have any of those words, and it sold well over 11 million in that time.

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Even if it did happen, considering the PS4 survived, it wouldnt of been the Red Line of Death.

More like The Red Line of Unconsciousness


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