1UP gives 6/10 to Unreal Tournament 3 PC: 'too little, too late'

The biggest problem with UT3 is that it's still so 2004. Back then, before Quake Wars or Team Fortress 2, this was the go-to series for fast action, wild weapons, clever vehicles, online teamwork, and videocard-straining visuals. Unreal Tournament stood alone and triumphant, with Quake under its boot, Counter-Strike practically in a whole other genre, Joint Operations a dirty little secret, and Battlefield socked in by fog. But slick and stylish speed shooters aren't so scarce anymore. These days, UT feels relatively superficial, even when it tries new gimmicks like the mobile artillery from the bonus pack or the Necris Nightshade's deployable items. These are too little, too late, and too me-too.

The online support disappoints, with very little in the way of achievements or persistent stats. The friends list isn't very friendly, and the server browser might as well scream for you to get off its lawn. Setting up LAN games or bot skirmishes is frustrating, limited, and counterintuitive. Decking out your avatar with unlockable bits of clothing is so very EA. It's still a good game -- lovely, and a little tired. But these days, even a favorite old dog like UT needs to learn more than a few new tricks.

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the worst3746d ago

what no love for the pc

TnS3746d ago

Yeah. :(

PS3 version got 8/10 from them.

MK_Red3746d ago

Nice find and wow... 1UP gave 6 to PC versoin and 8 to PS3 version? Wow.
I know that for PS3 it's a newer experience and may deserve a higher score but 6 for PC version? Even if it is too late, it's still not a 6/10 game.

fusionboxer3745d ago

When did we all start listening to 1up again?

Relcom3746d ago

That a rough score. I really enjoy it for my PS3, but the PC has so many great games like UT3 so i see there reasoning

InMyOpinion3746d ago

Their reasoning being the PS3 does'nt have enough good games to challenge it's score?

DrPirate3746d ago

No matter what their reason is though...6/10? That's a slap in the face.

Guess Epic only has Gears of War now.

TheSmokingManX3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

It's not really a slap in the face; more like a wake-up call for Epic. A 6 on the 1UP Network scale isn't bad by any means.

UT3 definitely isn't a great PC game in my opinion, and this score is right on the mark in my opinion.

MrWonderful3746d ago

PS3 version FTW!!! my pc cant handle this game to make it worth while

Torch3746d ago

Now that's just dumb.

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The story is too old to be commented.