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Will You Own Multiple Consoles Next Generation?

The next generation of systems might be very different; do you intend to own more than one? Or are you going to stick to a side to save money? (Culture, Next-Gen)

Truerandom  +   1382d ago
If I buy multiple, it would be for the exclusives. I'll stick with PS4 and Wii U until I see more Xbox exclusives. I'm not a big FPS fan so Halo is out of the question.
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StrongMan  +   1382d ago
Same here. I play ALL multi plats on PS3 and the many, many quality exclusives and I have an Xbox for exclusives and it's no secret that my Xbox only gets used in September every year when Halo/Gears is released and I rent them and use a 1 month free XBL card (no way in hell I'm paying to play games online) and then put my Xbox back in the box and up in my closet until next September. I won't be buying the next Xbox, it's not worth it.
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Projekt7tuning  +   1382d ago
Why wouldn't someone want to own all the newest consoles, if money wasn't a factor?
You would never miss out on an exclusive, and like this gen, each system has its own unique strengths and features. I don't prescribe to a logic that prevents me from enjoying a system just because I owned another first. From PCs, to consoles to portables, it seems that every system is my favorite at one point or another. As long as a system can provide me with an engaging experience that I enjoy, then sure why wouldn't I allow for that experience. Life is short, unfortunately so is money. I pride myself on getting all of whats available for me to enjoy as time and money afford.
Wintersun616  +   1382d ago
If I can afford more than one, then of course I'll get more. At the moment a combination of PS4 and PSV is the most plausible scenario for my next gen gaming but I'm open to other consoles too.
theeg  +   1382d ago
In the past I've always got them all, right at launch, like a sucker!

xbox360 $400
quake $60
perfect dark zero $60
Kameo $60
controller $50

$630 +tax

ps3 $600
untold legends $60
resistance $60
controller $50

$770 +tax

thats $1200 on two consoles and a few games that were medocre games at best.

now, besides a small time with uncharted 3, gears 3 and dark souls, they collected dust all 2009, 2010, 2011 and i gamed on pc 95% of the time.

think I'll wait a year or two into next gen before i buy another console, i doubt they will have anything at launch as good as the games i'm playing on pc right now, launch games always suck. I know none of the games will look as good as the games I'm playing on PC.
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Projekt7tuning  +   1381d ago
I hear where your coming from. Us early technology adopters usually end up getting the shaft. It was the same way with the HDTV switch. $5,000 for a projection screen HDtv back in early 2000, and now you can get a good 50in lcd for less than $1,000.
But I think it also may be "AGE" lol. I think some of us older gamers and starting to see the value in Patience.
OmegaSlayer  +   1382d ago
The problem is the money to buy the games, not the machine. 2011 has been a nightmare for the true gamers.
Exclusives can be considered dead and Sony has the game studios.
I don't think Epic will repeat the Gear "mistake" again.
Times have a changed.
Also, even if the ports have been bad, PS3 offered always a good experience anyway.
Most of the times the difference between versions was just nitpicking.
So...I'll stick with Sony once again.
360 had only 4 exclusives I was interested about, Mass Effect 1 and the 3 Gears (2 of which can be bought on PC)
iamnsuperman  +   1382d ago
I seriously doubt me owning more than one console next generation. I could only really offered one this generation. You miss out on some good games but the fact the consoles cost a lot of money hinders me getting more than one console. Its a shame I could only afford one console this generation
Jdoki  +   1382d ago
It's a good question.

I've owned every console every generation at some point since as far back as I remember gaming... but the next gen I think will be the first where I limit what consoles I buy.

It's not even because of the cost, it's that this gen has seen each manufacturer go for very different strategies...

Nintendo went for the casuals mainly, and a few hardcore titles, but the reliance on motion controls, recycling the same old stuff and last gen graphics have hurt.

Microsoft came out of the blocks swinging for Sony's market share and really appealed to the hardcore traditional gamer. Then they lost the plot, sold all their studios, realised that beating Sony had lead to them overlooking Nintendo, so started a campaign fronted by Kinect to grab that market. I couldn't even guess what MS' strategy will be with the Next Xbox.

Sony tripped over themselves, stuck their foot in their mouth, and attempted to raid wallets. But after initial mistakes they've gone from strength to strength and probably have the best balance of hardcore vs casual titles, even if they have failed to catchup to MS in terms of non-gaming services.

So overall, I know two things... 1. Is that I will NOT be a sucker and buy any new console on Day 1. And 2. MS need to really pull something out of the bag to get me interested in XBox again. At the moment it looks like a PS4 and maybe a Wii U and iPad 3 will best serve me.
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ssb3173  +   1382d ago
Maybe, but i'd defo buy a wii u to replace the wii, HD zelda just looked too good for me, and maybe pick up a gamecube for those games while i'm at it. Deciding on the Xbox 720 or PS4 is abit tricky, but i'll wait a couple of months after their release to see which one is better.
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manman6  +   1382d ago
I usually stick to one console. But if a I see a game that interest me enough I probably buy another one. Just like I did with my PS3 and Wii
Hicken  +   1381d ago

I know nothing about the Wii U, at least, not enough to make any informed decisions. With so little info in hand, I can't say whether or not I'll buy one. But if the trend from the Wii continues, the odds are not very large.

When it comes to the Nextbox, I'm somewhat more certain that I will NOT be getting it. Microsoft's current methods tell me they're not very likely to give me the type of gaming experience I want. As it stands, I'm still iffy about getting a 360; not a lot of games coming out that I'm looking forward to, and if I wait long enough, the system AND the games I really want will be cheap enough to get for a steal.

The PS4, for me, is a given... eventually. I was late to this gen, getting my PS3 in 2008. Then again, I was also late to the last gen, not getting a PS2 until 2002, I think. That aside, I've not been disappointed with what I've been given on PS3, and with how consistent Sony has been with their games, I feel confident I can expect the same out of their next generation console.
coryok  +   1381d ago
it really depends on the exclusives, ps3 is pretty much the only console that i use anymore, i gave away all my others because they dont get any exclusives, ps3 has everything so why do i need anything else?
jalen247  +   1381d ago
I will probably just own PS4. Might get a Wii-U depending on how powerful and what unique gameplay experiences are possible.

Almost certainingly not getting XBOX 720. They don't have any ip that I am interested in.

Sony and Nintendo both have franchises that I am interested in.

My Wii has mostly collected dust, therefore I may just get PS4 next gen. I am so focused on playing my PS3 games, I have not given my Wii games any attention. I did same thing last gen with my PS2 and GameCube
theeg  +   1381d ago
i'm excited to see them all, but this time i will be a bit more patient and not run out and buy everything at launch like i usually do.

i am really intrested to see what all manufactuers bring to the table.

i think we will see some unique features we are not even expecting!

can't wait:)
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zero_cool  +   1377d ago
Science is unique in that its methods demand not only that the ideas proposed be tested ... but everything science comes up with is also inherently falsifiable. In other words, unlike religion and politics, science has no ego, and everything it suggests accepts the possibility of being proven wrong eventually.





Have An Happy New Year & Happy Gaming One & All!

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