Game Informer | Jurassic Park Review

Game Informer said, "Telltale’s flawed but entertaining approach to the Back to the Future license left me hopeful for the developer’s take on Jurassic Park. Despite some early reservations, I still felt like that goose-bumped 13-year-old boy as the game’s opening theme started and Jurassic Park’s logo popped on screen. Unlike my younger self, however, I was in for a disappointment."

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rezzah2434d ago

Wish it was on a hardcopy for PS3, even so my bro got it for free with the purchase of PSN+ for a year.

Even if it may not be on par with the majority of this generation's games I would still enjoy it for being Jurassic Park. Story is what matters in this game.

iMpuTeD2434d ago

i already predicted this score its easy to tell what games are gettin good or bad scores now.