Digital Delivery to Overtake Boxed Games in 2015

More than half (57 per cent) of videogames professionals believe that digital sales will overtake boxed product sales by 2015 according to a survey of 1,000 industry execs carried out by London Games Conference.

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Tachyon_Nova2568d ago

I guess it really depends on what next-gen consoles do. It would be surprising to me if they didn't go the way of PC where digital download accounts for probably the vast majority of game sales. Means we will be seeing some beefy harddrives in them finally.

iamnsuperman2568d ago

The manufactors are limited by what each country has to offer in term of infranstructure. At the moment the speed and download speed is not good enough for massive amount downloads of games that are big in size. At the moment not many countries can support this and cheaper digital snaller games are the type of games tha can be supported. The manufactors will not go digital yet especailly by 2015 when it takes years to make internet speed faster. I remeber not to long ago a plan was going to happen to make the uk speeds faster but was scrapped because it cost too much. It would be a massive mistake to go digital only and that would be ,as well as increasing speed, is the way to make gamers go digital only. Imagine downlaoding a game like bf3 or mw3 day one. It would be so slow

TheGameFoxJTV2568d ago

It could be like steam, allow be people days in advance to download the game, and jut unlock it on release date.

Autodidactdystopia2568d ago

Not many countries have the extra money to spend to waste on an xbox, theres only about 15 they're really interested in, and those that have the money for the xbox tend to also have the money for the internet.

Ares84HU2568d ago

I got 260 PS3 games at the moment. Let's just do an average of 25GB/game. That's 6.25TB and I'm getting at least 10 more games this year. There is no way in hell they will ad a 10TB hard drive in the next gen consoles. That is pretty certain. I think what will happen is everything will be cloud based which is total bullshit if you ask me. In a cloud based system you don't own your video game collection and you don't have the feeling of ownership. Just to prove my point, yesterday I was deleting at least 30 PSN games from my hard drive because they are just DL games and I don't really need them on the HDD anymore because I need space for something else.

DL and cloud based services are shit. For collectors like me and people who actually like to OWN their games and the products they spend their hard earned money on this DL or cloud based service is total bull. Especially when they charge $59.99 for a brand new game on PSN which is a DL only and it's the same price in the store. Bad business if you ask me but fools will support it.

caboose322568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

I have over 100 games on my steam account and only a 500GB hard drive. That doesn't mean I have to keep every game installed on my hard drive forever.

I have 16 games installed and still plenty of room.

Ares84HU2568d ago

So what if they decide to pull a game or two you got on your account for some reason....any reason.

What than???

Persistantthug2568d ago

Then there will never be a such thing as a dig dist ONLY model for them.

Retail won't support it.

Ryudo2568d ago


"I got 260 PS3 games at the moment. Let's just do an average of 25GB/game. That's 6.25TB and I'm getting at least 10 more games this year."

LOLZ I have to say that's the worst Math I have ever seen in my life. No the average PS3 game is nowhere even close to 25GB.

Most multi plat games on the PS3 are actually around 6GB because unlike the 360 variant they don't have 1.5GB of copyright protection.

I have a merger 10MBit's connect average for Britain and I can download 4GB's an hour with that connection.

By 2015 the government should have the infrastructure in place to at least double that. BT is currently receiving massive funding by the government for fibre optic broadband rollouts.

And considering the UK by average has slow broadband to most developed counties 20MB should be an average speed in 2015.

That means 8GB's of data an hour can be downloading. Which is the size of an average multi plat game it begs the question can I drive the shop and pick up a retail box and get back in that hour?

Ares84HU2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Some games might be 6GB....which I highly doubt. I think it's closer to 9GB than 6GB but you keep forgetting games that are 40-50GB on the blu-ray disk. And yes, there is plenty of those. That is why i said AVERAGE. If you don't know what AVERAGE is than please don't talk about math.

Also, next gen the games will be even bigger. Just look back at last gen. PS2 games are around 1.5GB-2.5GB each. Now the size not doubled but it's 10-20x as big. Next gen games might get even larger...maybe anywhere between 50-100GB or bigger.

Also you forget that some places limit how much data you can DL/month with your internet connection. Here in the USA I got Road Runner Turbo which supposedly is 25mb/s and it takes me around 20-30 minutes to download around 2GB worth of data from PSN but it's not even the speed that is the problem for me and you at least. But the space to store all that data and you can forget about actual ownership. It will more likely be a "renting" kind of thing. You'll see.

Awesome-Xanto2568d ago

Well think about this, by 2015 next gen will be here and it likely that your average game will be 25 to 50 GB. Games expand faster that the Internet, and by the time everyone has decent Internet gaming will be even larger and then the cycle repeats...

This is why digital will never replace retail, you typical user will not download a game if it takes longer than going to the store... and don't even get me started on streaming games, that's total crap... there is zero chance ISP will allow that to continue to happen. All that does is waste bandwidth and cost them wasted money, and you will see even stricter caps by 2015.

Everything is against digital replacing retail by 2015....

Ryudo2568d ago

I don't even know why I bother you clearly both mentally retarded.

Games expand faster that the Internet.

When I get responses like that I have to admit I cannot win this argument blind fanboyism and moronic opinions triumph every time.

Ryudo2568d ago Show
Ares84HU2568d ago

Really??? You are listing the possible worst games you can find Karaokie Revolution??? really NASCAR??? The only game that worth a dime there is CoDMW3 which is...guess what....closer to 9GB.

And you call me a retard??? That is uncalled for. Just because I don't share your opinion. Nice one buddy.

God of War 3 - 42.15GB
Killzone 2 - 12.4GB
Yakuza 3 - 18.6GB
GTAVI - 10.84GB
R.U.S.E. - 12.36GB
Ar Tonelico III - 22.8GB
Assassin's Creed II - 16.2GB
Battlefield 3 - 9.34GB
BioShock 1 and 2 are over 9GB each
CodBO - 18.2GB
Castlevania LoS - 12GB
Darksiders - 20GB
Dynasty Warriors 7 - 19.3GB
Final Fantasy XIII - 41.1GB
Heavy Rain Move Edition - 26GB
Killzone 3 - 25.4GB
Knights Contract - 19GB
L.A. Noire - 23.7GB
Lair - 23GB
LBP2 - 18.3GB
MGS4 - 30GB
R&C:A Crack in Time -23GB
Resistance - 17GB
Resistance 2 - 22.7GB
Resistance 3 - 34.9GB
Socom 4 - 20GB
Star Ocean: The Last Hope - 22.2GB
Star Wars: Force Unleashed - 20.4GB
UFC 2010 Undisputed - 41GB
Uncharted 1 - 21.1GB
Uncharted 2 - 26GB
Uncharted 3 - 45GB
Yakuza 4 - 20GB

While there is a few that's around 6-9GB there is tons that are more. So how about you do actual research before pulling things out of your behind and calling people retards. I'm sorry but I REFUSE to download 40+GB just to play a game. It would take a lot longer than just going down the store and picking up a copy.

You need to think about how you talk to people, especially when you don't know them.

Awesome-Xanto2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

News Flash!

It takes years to lay new lines for better speeds and to improve the internet infrastructure... and right now the average speed is not high enough to support digital downloads and likely won't in the next 5 years or even 10 years.

But that won't matter to developers, every year games will get larger (especially with next gen right around the corner)... the infrastructure and the internet speed will not be able to keep up to still have it effective for consumers to download a game vs going to a store. It will take longer for the average person, so it doesn't matter because consumers will most likely still buy a physical disk.

That's why gaming expands faster than the internet... just look how far gaming has come in the last 10 - 15 years vs the internet. Gaming has came a long way, while granted the internet is faster we are not seeing huge giant leap in speed for most of the world.

Physical media is the "best" way to deliver content... but if you choose not to believe that, well you can't fix stupid.

chanmasta2568d ago

Wow, you two really have too much time on your hands.

Writing fuckloads of text to an unknown person on the internet which will all get forgotten about next week.

Nice way to spend the short time you have in this world.

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kneon2568d ago

I think the capabilities of the next gen consoles is largely irrelevant here. It's not that Battlefield 4, KillZone 4, Final Fantasy 35 etc. will ship as digital downloads. It will be the billions of casual games that will make the difference.

They don't cost much but a lot of people buy them, regardless of how crappy most of them are.

SilentNegotiator2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

So the majority of the world is going to have fully updated internet connections in a measly 4 years for it to be a sensible choice to be mostly digital, then?

Because I have one thing to say to anyone that thinks that is the case:

Prophet-Gamer2568d ago

As long as there are internet caps, it will limit the advance of this kinds of technologies. Greedy corporations can go to hell.

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Laxman2568d ago

It would be good if we all had good internet. Here in Australia, there are NO fast speed internet deals that give unlimited downloads, you can pretty much have one or the other, and even our 'fast' broadband plans are slow compared to a lot of the world and your hard pressed to find one that has a decent download limit without completely breaking the bank.

Tachyon_Nova2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

I dunno, I'm on 40megabits/second (cable) up here on Brisbane with 230GB a month. It isn't unlimited, but its enough for me to download TV, about 10 games a month plus multiplayer gaming, and its pretty damn quick.

Laxman2568d ago

Damn, I wish I lived in a proper city. Small crappy NSW town here, its terrible speed and I pay 130 a month. I get like 50-100kbs on torrent downloads :(

Highlife2568d ago

I have comcast and I'm at about 28 mbps with a 250 gig cap. I have never come that close to the cap but I don't buy my games online. I like to have the physical copy. I use internet for slingbox, web, movies, and online gaming. If I were to add downloading next gen games that would for sure put me over my cap. No thanks. Plus there are 5 other family members in the house.

BitbyDeath2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

I'm north of Brisbane and the best i can get is 10mb/s :-(

Hopefully the liberal party won't get in otherwise they will kill the NBN and it'll probably be at least 20 years before we get anything better.

EDIT: I forgot it is actually 20mb/s but as my house is two streets away from the box it gets limited to 10mb.

BlmThug2568d ago

My connection is very fast. 1.5 MB/s on Utorrent and no lag unless the game itself is laggy and buggy also i got unlimited downloads so no worries for me

DigitalRaptor2568d ago

Digital Ditribution is all well and good, but boxed game packages will always be there for people who want that, and trust me, there's millions of us.

Who really wants to own a digital licence to ALL their games rather than something they can hold and call their own? You only own that licence as long as the publisher says so.

Laxman2568d ago

If you read a game's booklet, you still only own a license if you buy a hard copy, not the actual game copy.

Persistantthug2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

is what what you want to do.

You actually OWN that piece of hard disk media.

I prefer that. I think most people do.

Baliw2568d ago

Tell that to collectors.

Captain Qwark 92568d ago

this ^^^^

it will never happen and if it does somehow, i will not be one of the supporters. for a few reasons....

1. i collect games / like to show them off. impossible to have shelfs of games if their all on a hdd

2. not everybody has the interent much less broadband, how would they get thier games?

3. what happens if a comapany goes under? not that it will but for example xbox brand? if they shut it down, i already stand to lose all my arcade games, if i had bought retail games off there and the service goes dark i may never be able to play them again or what would happen if i deleted something to make room for another game then went to redownload it one day and it was removed from the service? im beat, thats what

4. unless they start including 20TB hdd's, this will never work. games are around 6 gigs now and only getting bigger. you would fill up your dive too fast and then you would have to download it again anytime you wanted to play an older game.

5. streaming wont work regardless of onlive trying to say otherwise, once again becuase if for whatever reason i lose my internet or my bandwidth is capped by the isp then i wouldnt be able to play my games.

thats just a few......terrible idea and would never happen, period.

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