PLAY Magazine Silent Hill V Scans

This months issue of Play Magazine contains a Silent Hill V exclusive. Considering 1UP and EGM's exclusive was quite a long time ago now, this is likely to actually be something new.

UPDATE: Scans are now at the link, more coming soon.

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xaphanze3889d ago

I want some horror games.How I miss the adrenaline rush while playing such games.Condemned and this are on my list regardless of what scores they get.

Skerj3889d ago

Um now I have confused feelings about the zombie nurses form EVERY Silent Hill game. WHY DID THEY MAKE HER HOT!!?

ActionBastard3889d ago

I was justing thinking "I'd hit it". And that worries me.

Skerj3889d ago

Hahahaha I said that too!! I'm scared O_O

ActionBastard3889d ago

It's genius really. Who wouldn't want to tap a nurse in that outfit, with that body? Throw in a face made out of silly putty and put a knife in her hand and you have yourself a recipe for romance.

crippler6663889d ago

IMO whilst Resident Evil games have been pretty good, it is the Silent Hill games that have been un-nerving. Not to say I have not jumped a time or two on Resident Evil, but some of the stuff on Silent Hill has been more.

This is a day one purchase and nothing will change my mind on that.

Skerj3889d ago

Atmosphere man, they've all had it. RE seems to have taken the more action route of the Survival Horror genre while SH has stuck to its own brand of psychological mindf**kery. Whatever the case I love them both and they're still welcome in my eyes. I'll be picking this one up as soon as possible, and even though it's not developed by KCEJ I'm glad Akira Yamaoka remains linked to it.

Coffin873889d ago

can't wait for the first next-gen SILENT HILL!!!!!!!!!!!

DarkSniper3889d ago

This game will display the visual and audio muscle that Sony's PLAYSTATION 3 platform has over it's competition. Given with the power of blu-ray, you will see uncompressed audio that will give more of an immersive experience in a horror video game.


Skerj3889d ago

It's multiplatform dude, they'll more than likely look the same.

ActionBastard3889d ago

I'd agree on the visuals if it weren't for the fact it is on 360 as well. There's no doubt it will look great, but look the same on both consoles.

TheExecutive3889d ago

wow sony marketing at its best...

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